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Reverse-engineering censorship in China: Randomized experimentation and participant observation

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Science  22 Aug 2014:
Vol. 345, Issue 6199, 1251722
DOI: 10.1126/science.1251722

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Censorship of social media in China

Figuring out how many and which social media comments are censored by governments is difficult because those comments, by definition, cannot be read. King et al. have posted comments to social media sites in China and then waited to see which of these never appeared, which appeared and were then removed, and which appeared and survived. About 40% of their submissions were reviewed by an army of censors, and more than half of these never appeared. By varying the content of posts across topics, they conclude that any mention of collective action is selectively suppressed.

Science, this issue 10.1126/science.1251722