In Brief2015: A Look Ahead

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Science  02 Jan 2015:
Vol. 347, Issue 6217, pp. 8-9
DOI: 10.1126/science.347.6217.8

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British chemist Humphry Davy once said that "nothing is so fatal to the progress of the human mind as to suppose that our views of science are ultimate … that there are no new worlds to conquer." In that spirit, Science takes a look at events, trends, and ideas that preoccupied the scientific community last year (think STAP cells, Common Core, and U.S. Ebola panic)—and makes some guesses at what new themes are likely to take hold in 2015. Our—subjective!—list of this year's hot topics includes polio's surge in Pakistan, the Paris climate talks, exploration of dwarf planets, and more.