Viral Spread

Enteroviruses have got to hitch a ride...

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Science  06 Mar 2015:
Vol. 347, Issue 6226, pp. 1110-1111
DOI: 10.1126/science.347.6226.1110-f

Viruses are thought to come in two flavors: enveloped—surrounded with a membrane like the cells they infect, or non-enveloped—naked protein and nucleic acid particles that can invade target cells. However, it now seems that non-enveloped viruses might nevertheless sneakily co-opt host cell membranes to help them spread from cell to cell. Chen et al. now show that cells release clusters of newly synthesized enteroviruses, including poliovirus, coxsackievirus B3, and rhinovirus, into the extracellular environment within lipid vesicles. Compared with free viruses, the enclosed viruses do a better job of infecting new cells.

Cell 160, 619 (2015).

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