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Science  20 Mar 2015:
Vol. 347, Issue 6228, pp. 1378
DOI: 10.1126/science.347.6228.1378-a

50 µL Electronic Pipettes

The popular VIAFLO II electronic pipette range has been expanded to include the new 50 µL models, which perfectly fill the gap between the 0.5–12.5 µL and  5–125 µL ranges. Now available for single-, 8-, 12-, and 16-channel VIAFLO II pipettes, the new models deliver optimized precision pipetting in the volume range of 2–50 µL. The VIAFLO II multichannel electronic pipette range combines ultralightweight design and unsurpassed operational comfort enabling users to improve efficiency in their working environment. VIAFLO II electronic pipettes together with INTEGRA's wide range of GripTip pipette tips form the perfect pipetting system. GripTips snap into place with minimal tip loading effort, providing a secure connection. GripTips never fall off and are always perfectly aligned, resulting in superior accuracy and high precision.


A new ultracentrifuge combines speed with safety and ergonomics, allowing researchers to easily protect samples while achieving reliable and consistent results. The Sorvall WX+ ultracentrifuge features an intuitive color LCD touchscreen to keep programming simple and easy to navigate. Designed to accommodate a multiple-user environment, the Sorvall WX+ ultracentrifuge monitors run data with optional Log Manager software that recalls past operating parameters with up to 5,120 cases of recorded histories to assist with GMP/GLP compliance. In addition, the Sorvall WX+ ultracentrifuge offers: up to 100,000 rpm performance in a small footprint to maximize space in the lab; lightweight and fatigue-resistant Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors; automatic tube balancing compensation, which accelerates sample preparation by allowing visual sample balancing up to 5 mm; and a self-locking rotor system that provides confidence that the rotor is automatically and securely locked.

UV Spectrophotometer

Improved optical characterization systems are now available for spectral measurements from the vacuum ultraviolet to the near infrared. The vacuum ultraviolet universal spectrophotometer is an optical test system optimized for emitting samples like phosphors or photo- and electroluminescent crystals. It can measure reflectance, transmission, and fluorescence emission over its complete working range, 120 nm to 2.2 µm. Options are available to extend the range even more. The user-friendly sample chamber includes high-efficiency toroidal optics for focused excitation and sensitive detection. It can operate purged or under vacuum and can interface to commercial cryogenic and heated sample mounts. Auxiliary ports are in the sample area for addition of HV leads for electrical excitation, auxiliary sample by X-ray sources or conventional lasers, and output to diverse and even fiber-connected spectrometers. The vacuum ultraviolet universal spectrophotometer feature easily interchangeable five-position sample holders. Samples index while the system is under vacuum.

Clean Air Protection System

The Clean Air Protection (CAP) system is Hamilton's first intelligent HEPA-Filtered clean air hood. The system's small design and price eliminates the need to buy bulky and expensive laminar fume hoods for their Microlab NIMBUS liquid handler. The system installs and is up and running in less than one hour. It uses Hamilton's latest monitoring and detecting technology, enabling labs to meet ISO 14644-1, Federal Standard 209E. Using a 99.99% 0.3 µL HEPA filter with a high-density pre-filter, the CAP system delivers clean air to the working environment. The monitoring system maintains flows in the NIMBUS enclosure via an integrated flow sensor creating a constant positive pressure regardless of the door being open or closed. The monitoring system also features real-time temperature and humidity display with built-in customer set alarm settings and a HEPA filter diagnostic sensor that alerts the user when the filter needs to be changed.

Automated Sample Thawing System

The ThawSTAR automated sample thawing system is a breakthrough technology that addresses the "last mile" in the cryopreservation process. Utilizing STAR sensing technology, ThawSTAR system tailors the thaw cycle to the specific characteristics of each frozen sample. ThawSTAR technology integrates multiple detection algorithms to ensure uniform thermal profiles and reproducible recovery of the frozen contents, eliminating the subjectivity found in conventional thaw methods that rely on human interpretation, such as swirling frozen vials in water baths and rolling vials between hands. Users simply insert a frozen vial and retrieve it when the vial is raised at the end of the thaw cycle. The automatic release of the vial coupled with built-in audio and visual alarms allow users to quickly retrieve thawed vials for downstream processing. ThawSTAR thawing system was engineered to deliver results similar to those achieved when thawing in a 37°C water bath, but with reproducibility and standardization built in.

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