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Science  08 May 2015:
Vol. 348, Issue 6235, pp. 715
DOI: 10.1126/science.348.6235.715-a

Trace Gas Analyzer

The new PTR-QiTOF and the PTR-TOF 1000 are now available, complementing the PTR-TOF trace gas analyzer series. Both instruments can be optionally equipped with the new fast GC add-on, combining Gas Chromatographic separation with real-time trace VOC analysis. Featuring a Quadrupole ion guide (Qi), the new PTR-QiTOF achieves a performance, no other commercial PTR-TOFMS system has ever been able to demonstrate before. Scientists can expect up to 25x more sensitivity, one order of magnitude lower detection limit and 20% higher mass resolution. This boost in sensitivity is especially beneficial for cutting-edge applications like eddy-covariance flux measurements, where ultralow VOC concentrations have to be quantified with more than 10 Hz. The high time-resolution and sensitivity of IONICON PTR-TOF instruments enable flux measurements of biogenic VOCs, providing new insights to our understanding of the atmospheric VOC budget by studying active atmosphere-ecosystem exchange of a vast number of BVOCs.

Genotyping Arrays

The newest arrays, Axiom Porcine Genotyping Array and Axiom Equine Genotyping Array, each with more than 600,000 markers, will be available to the agriculture community under the Axiom Expert Design Program. These two high-density arrays add to the product portfolio that includes bovine, chicken, maize, salmon, and wheat. Affymetrix has recently launched arrays with the newest content for genomic breeding in soybean and cotton, and arrays for buffalo, rainbow trout, rose, and strawberry. Also new are enhanced wheat arrays that have come out of the U.K.-based Wheat Institute Strategic Programme (WISP). With Affymetrix's advanced bioinformatics and innovative design strategies, Axiom arrays routinely support genome-wide genotyping and accurately call the genotypes of both diploid and polyploid species.

Microscopy Illumination

The new Lumen 1600-LED from Prior Scientific is the latest product in Prior's ever-expanding microscopy illumination product line. The Lumen 1600-LED offers individual control for 16 selectable wavelengths. With its unique 16 selectable LED wavelengths, the Lumen 1600-LED is compatible with all simple and multiband filter sets. For the user who wants ease of use, the Lumen 1600-LED has a "white light" mode with simple on/off and intensity buttons. Fitting directly to most microscopes the system enables for rapid switching between LED wavelengths to allow for capture of high speed events. The Lumen 1600-LED is controlled via a manual keypad controller, TTL, USB, analogue input for dynamic intensity control. Excitation filters can be fitted in the optical path for controlled switching with no moving parts. Providing 25,000+ hours of bulb life, the Lumen 1600-LED is an environmentally friendly illumination system that requires no special disposal regulations.

Cathode Gauge

The Granville-Phillips Series 500 Cold Cathode Gauge sets a new accuracy standard (±) for wide pressure range CC gauges. The Series 500 features a longer lifetime than traditional CC gauges and fast, reliable starting. Its patent-pending method for determining pressure dosage over time provides for predictive maintenance, and USB connectivity assures ease of setup and pressure monitoring. The Series 500's unprecedented accuracy is based on innovative technology and time-tested calibration techniques. It offers a wide measurement range from 10–10 to 10–2 Torr, and includes electronic, digital, and analog interfaces. The USB interface and GP Connect software provides setup and diagnostics, including screens for setting up the gauge, graphing the pressure trend, and checking usage statistics. Applications include R&D, coating, semiconductor, analytical, high-energy physics, general vacuum, and other applications requiring long life and accuracy.

Ebola Antigens/Antibodies

Several products have been designed for the development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) detection assay for the Ebola virus. The new products comprise three different monoclonal antibodies to the Ebola virus and two recombinant proteins (from the Sudan and Zaire strains) suitable for use in producing an optimized ELISA test kit for Ebola. An antigen-capture ELISA test for Ebola offers the possibility of diagnosis within the first few days after symptoms begin. Diagnosing Ebola can be a challenge because the early symptoms are nonspecific to Ebola infection and are often seen in patients with more commonly occurring diseases, such as malaria and typhoid fever. Accurate diagnostics are essential in controlling an outbreak. Ideally a test should be an easy-to-use and affordable solution that enables the rapid screening of suspected patients and people travelling out of an outbreak region.

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