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Science  22 May 2015:
Vol. 348, Issue 6237, pp. 927
DOI: 10.1126/science.348.6237.927-a

GCxGC Mass Spectrometer

The AccuTOF-GCx, the fourth generation of JEOL's gas chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometer systems, is designed for optimum throughput, operation, and uptime. It offers improved resolution, accuracy, and sensitivity, while retaining the power and flexibility of the previous models. In combination with comprehensive 2-D gas chromatography (GCxGC) using the Zoex thermal modulator, the GCx offers both powerful chromatographic separation and high-resolution mass spectra. An optional combination EI/FI/FD ion source eliminates the need for source exchange for these experiments. Gas chromatography/field ionization can also be used to characterize samples that would be difficult to analyze by any other technique. While hundreds or even thousands of components can be separated and detected using this type of system, interpreting the data sets can be challenging due to the unprecedented amount of information the data provides. JEOL has formed collaborations to develop new software methods and tools to simplify the analysis of GCxGC/HRMS data sets.

Fast GC Module

Proton Transfer Reaction-Time of Flight (PTR-TOF) Mass Spectrometry systems are capable of measuring trace gas samples in real-time with a high mass resolving power. The new "fastGC" module adds an optional chemical pre-separation step before the analysis. The module consists of a short GC column with an advanced heating concept for ultrafast heating and equally fast cooling rates that makes this pre-separation step nearly real-time. The fastGC module is integrated with the PTR-TOF and the normal sample gas inlet is utilized. This allows researchers to perform real-time measurements and add fastGC runs at time points of interest for enhanced separation and identification. The PTR-TOF 1000 is by far the most affordable, smallest, and also lightweight system available on the market. It provides all the advantages of a powerful time of flight-based solutions: the entire mass range in split seconds and higher resolution for better separation and identification.

TLC-Compact Mass Spectrometry System

The Plate Express is an automated software-controlled system designed to directly analyze thin-layer chromatography (TLC) plates and a full range of other planar surfaces by mass spectrometry. Plate Express provides a simple, automated, software-clicked means of visually pinpointing and extracting compounds from a range of TLC plate formats into Advion's expression compact mass spectrometer (CMS). The combined technique is known as TLC/CMS. Synthetic organic, natural product, and peptide chemists can quickly and confidently identify analytes in complex mixtures without additional sample preparation utilizing TLC/CMS. Plate Express is controlled by Advion's Mass Express software, vastly simplifying the process and increasing the robustness of TLC spot and planar surface analysis. A pressure-sensing feature allows for uncommon force management to be controlled, superbly sealing around the point of interest, while extending the life of the probe, further reducing the cost of consumables. The software allows methods to be developed for plates and surfaces of choice.

Mass Spectrometry Quantification Software

The new TASQ 1.0 and Pacer 2.0 software products allow users to easily screen, identify, confirm, and quantify hundreds of compounds in a single experiment. The Bruker TASQ (Target Analysis for Screening and Quantitation) software is specifically designed to exploit high resolution, accurate-mass data generated by Bruker QTOF mass spectrometers to confidently screen for trace residues in complex matrices. TASQ also efficiently exploits diagnostic ion confirmation criteria to eliminate false positive findings. Bruker's PACER 2.0 software provides extremely fast, accurate quantitative results for high throughput targeted analyses in the routine lab by building on the powerful Bruker GC and LC Triple Quad MS instruments. PACER addresses the real crunch in quantitative data review—peak integration—by using its powerful "Exception Based Review" feature set. This newest version of Pacer introduces a new, modern interface designed for simplicity and clarity, presenting information and options at the time you need them.

Liquid Chromatography Systems

Two new integrated liquid chromatography (LC) systems, the Prominence-i and Nexera-i, have been added to the company's extensive line-up of high performance LC (HPLC) and UHPLC systems. Combining excellent functionality, an intuitive operating environment, and full automation, the i-Series provides excellent performance and a more efficient workflow for conventional to ultrahigh-speed analysis. Through the integration of these systems with LabSolutions software, Shimadzu fosters a new relationship between users and instrumentation. The data acquired by the Prominence-i and Nexera-i via interactive communication mode (ICM) is sent to a lab's data center by the LabSolutions network and managed uniformly by a server. ICM allows users to perform operations such as purging mobile phases and confirming analytical results from anywhere in the facility with a smart device. It also permits easy access to a system installed in a closely supervised area such as under a hood where highly active ingredients are being analyzed.

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