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Science  29 May 2015:
Vol. 348, Issue 6238, pp. 1044
DOI: 10.1126/science.348.6238.1044-a

Bioprocess Control Station

The BioFlo 320 is truly a step into the future for Eppendorf as a bioprocess equipment manufacturer. New features including autoclavable and single-use vessel flexibility, intelligent sensors, and IP network communication for multiunit control set it apart as the new premium choice in the bench-scale bioprocess market. Suitable for microbial and cell culture, scale up to scale down, batch, fed-batch, and continuous processes, the BioFlo 320 can meet the ever-changing needs of all segments of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. It offers flexibility, better control, and maximum functionality while occupying a fraction of the valuable lab space of similar systems.

TIRF Illuminator

The new one-line illuminator (cellTIRF-1L) complements the high-end four- and two-line (cellTIRF MITICO 4L/2L) illuminators. Ideally suited for use with laser combiners, the cellTIRF-1L with motorized TIRF angle control offers cost-effective flexibility for system builders. The new illuminator can also be used with third-party lasers and enables multi-fluorescence samples to be sequentially imaged at the same penetration depth. Control is effortlessly managed by software integration or via the Olympus Real-Time Controller for accurate live cell imaging. As TIRF imaging is invaluable across a wide spectrum of disciplines to investigate events occurring at cell surfaces, the cellTIRF illuminators provide a series of features supporting both precise imaging and easy operation. Among these features are highly advanced optics, integrated laser safety systems, and high-speed control of penetration depth and laser lines via the RTC. The high-end systems provide ultrasensitive truly simultaneous multicolor TIRF microscopy, with up to four laser channels and independent beam paths.

Scalable RNA-Seq Service

Stranded, ribodepletion, and globin reduction library construction options have been added to the existing RNA-Seq services. The Illumina TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Sample Prep Kit has been automated on Beckman Coulter instruments to enable scalability and LIMS sample tracking. This expanded offering has been validated for human, mouse, rat, and plant samples and includes the ability to work with samples derived from blood and FFPE tissue. This fully automated sample preparation pipeline delivers consistent results run after run, reducing user variability and bias, and allows processing of a large amount of samples with reduced turnaround time relative to manual library construction. This expanded offering is suited for genome annotation, de novo transcriptome assembly, and accurate 1digital gene expression analysis thus providing uniform coverage and precise measurement of strand orientation, and discovery across both coding and multiple forms of noncoding RNA.

Bioreactor Systems

The new version of the ambr systems (ambr 15 and ambr 250) are supplied with integrated BioPAT MODDE Software for Design of Experiments (DoE), powered by Umetrics. This allows bioprocess scientists to easily implement DoE into their work flow for simpler process optimization and scale-up to larger single-use BIOSTAT pilot and manufacturing scale bioreactors, making bioprocess development faster and more cost-effective. The integrated DoE software will enable scientists to quickly establish a Design Space where relevant bioprocessing conditions are varied simultaneously. Users can rapidly configure DoE experiments via work packets that are exported from the software to the ambr system; configuring each microbioreactor with its own DoE defined bioprocessing parameters. The data generated from ambr, including offline analytics, is analyzed within the software to identify critical process parameters, optimize bioprocessing conditions, and define a robust design space for implementation in larger single-use BIOSTAT pilot and manufacturing scale bioreactors.

Liquid Metering Pump

The enhanced SIMDOS 10 line of diaphragm liquid metering pumps is available with four head material options. The line affords laboratory personnel with simple operation, thanks to a user-friendly display and adjustable transfer parameters from a touch-control knob. The SIMDOS 10 FT version features a PTFE head, a PTFE-covered diaphragm, and chemically resistant FFKM Kalrez valves for the transfer of aggressive chemicals. An optional Chemraz-valve kit allows the pump to be used with highly concentrated acids such as nitric, sulphuric, and hydrochloric acids and solvents such as TFH, DMF, DMSO, and MEK. Also available with heads in PP, PVDF, or stainless steel, each pump in the SIMDOS 10 line transfers liquids with a flow rate of 1–100 mL/min, and dose volumes of 1 mL up to 999 mL. In addition to fast and simple calibration, the pump offers excellent long-term stability and consistent reliability throughout its lifetime.

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