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Science  19 Jun 2015:
Vol. 348, Issue 6241, pp. 1383
DOI: 10.1126/science.348.6241.1383-a

Advanced Handling System

The EXCM mini H-gantry is a new high-speed, precise, automated handling system designed for laboratory applications. The planar surface gantry system is fast, accurate, modular, and flexible. It is also plug-and-play for quick and easy start up. Typical applications include transfer of microwell plates, liquid dispensing/pipetting with the addition of a z axis, sample preparation and transport, barcode-based sample identification, sample distribution, and aspirating, incubating, dispensing, and archiving of samples. This system moves samples on a planar x/y axis with an absolute positioning accuracy of ±5 inches and a repetition accuracy of ±1 inches. A new generation of laboratory devices from Festo enables the automated identification and testing of primary samples. With the use of barcode identification, these automated systems prepare the samples for the required tests and distribute samples to the corresponding test stations. Festo systems are available for preanalytical processes, analytical processes, and postanalytical processes.

Four-Axis SCARA-Type Robot

Bolster your automated workflows with a self-correcting, learning robot that can employ a new four-axis "selective compliance articulated robot arm," or SCARA. The Spinnaker Smart Laboratory Robot has built-in vision coupled with Thermo Scientific Momentum 4 software to eliminate the need for users to manually correct for drift that occurs over time by automatically compensating for positional variations. This is particularly important for systems in environmental enclosures, where gaining access to the system can be disruptive. Spinnaker's robot vision capability and software also guide users through a simple step-wise procedure for configuring automation and teaching the system about its environment. The robot-vision camera doubles as a barcode reader, enabling automatic confirmation of sample identification, simplifying the workflow and contributing to robust sample tracking and system fidelity. The arm's flexible reach, infinite rotation, and full gravity-neutral joints facilitate positioning when teaching or integrating instruments.

Automated Module

The [MPE]2 is a first of its kind automated module that is designed to be used for positive pressure, evaporation, and cap mat sealing. The [MPE]2 has a small footprint and can be easily integrated onto any of Hamilton's liquid handling robotic systems. The [MPE]2&primes small size makes it scalable allowing the addition of multiple units on a single liquid handler. The [MPE]2 incorporates three functionalities in one. [MPE]2 is a positive pressure SPE with a dual circuit even-flow manifold capable of applying up to 100 psi of pressure to the top of an SBS footprint filter plate/column; [MPE]2 is an evaporator that can deliver heated air of up to 32°(90° to accelerate evaporation of the liquids contained within the plates/columns; and the [MPE]2 is a cap mat sealer that uses air pressure to attach the sealant to the plate.

Nanoliter-Scale Immunoassay

A smaller version of the widely used five-CD Gyrolab xP workstation, Gyrolab xPlore is a more compact, cost-effective, single-CD tool that makes automated nanoliter-scale immunoassays accessible to laboratories of every size. Using proven microfluidic technology, Gyrolab xPlore optimizes immunoassay development, enabling faster assay development, validation, and high throughput analyses in less time than with manual enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay or semi-automated methods. Gyros' technology delivers high-quality data with broad dynamic ranges and excellent reproducibility while dramatically reducing sample and reagent consumption. Gyrolab systems use precise, automated control of centrifugal and capillary forces to steer liquid flow through nanoliter-scale microfluidic structures contained within Gyrolab CDs, automating the assay workflow. Gyrolab xPlore is a cost-effective tool that will accelerate assay development for discovery and preclinical R&D, help users meet critical data and time requirements for regulated bioanalysis, and improve efficiency in bioprocess development and quality control.

Capillary Gel Electrophoresis Analyzer

The Qsep100 DNA Analyzer performs rapid, high-sensitivity assays at lower cost per sample compared to similar systems. Capillary gel electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence is a powerful analytical tool for DNA analysis and immunoassays, effectively replacing time-consuming and labor-intensive slab-gel electrophoresis technology. Capillary gel electrophoresis technology is recognized as an optimal approach to performing post-polymerase chain reaction separation, detection of DNA and RNA fragments, and assessing the quality of genomic DNA. The Qsep100 DNA Analyzer uses microcapillary gel electrophoresis combined with fluorescence detection and is capable of performing 200 assays automatically as quickly as 2 minutes per sample. Qsep100 is a fast and highly sensitive analyzer for DNA and RNA assays. The Qsep100 DNA Analyzer quickly resolves DNA fragments in the range of 10 to 20,000 base pairs (bp) with 2 to 4 bp resolution. The compact analyzer is supplied with a 12-well or 96-well sample loader.

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