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Science  21 Aug 2015:
Vol. 349, Issue 6250, pp. 886
DOI: 10.1126/science.349.6250.886-a

Solvent Recovery System

The SolventTrap SVOC Solvent Recovery System can recover solvents evaporated during the concentration step prior to injection into a GC or HPLC. The SolventTrap SVOC comes coupled with the DryVap In-line Drying and Evaporation System for a complete dry-evaporate-trap solvent system, consistent with the workflow and environmentally friendly. The system can recover 95% dichloromethane (DCM) evaporated from six 180 mL samples simultaneously, using vacuum and an auxiliary chiller. Recent enforcement of environmental air regulations has shown laboratories that compliance is a must and anything that can reduce the solvent emitted into the air is a valuable laboratory addition. Additionally, there is less chance of operator exposure to solvent vapors making the workplace safer.

NMR Spectrometer Series

The new JNM-ECZS series NMR is a next generation NMR spectrometer that incorporates ultra-high accuracy RF circuitry utilizing the latest digital high-frequency technology. The compact spectrometer design features unprecedented levels of performance and expandability to support the most advanced NMR experiments. The 43% reduction in size of the JNM-ECZS series compared to previous models simplifies NMR spectrometer placement in modern laboratories. Performance features critical to NMR data collection such as RF phase, frequency, and amplitude control, NMR pulse shape waveform data table size, and digital receiver performance have been improved by several orders of magnitude. These features collectively support the most advanced NMR experiments that combine a wide variety of NMR pulses in complicated NMR pulse sequences. A complete set of high-performance NMR probes are available for the JNM-ECZS spectrometer to support many NMR applications, including a new high-sensitivity liquid-nitrogen probe capable of variable temperature experiments from -40°to 150°

pH Meters

New pH electrodes, the IoLineelectrodes, have a unique iodine/iodide reference system with a patented three-chamber reservoir system. IoLine electrodes offer unbeatable stability, fast response times, and high accuracy at a higher speed compared to traditional Ag/AgCI reference systems. It is a 100% metal ion-free reference system, ideal for Tris buffer solutions in complex biotech applications, or precision processes within immunoassay production. In addition to the unique IoLine electrodes, the TruLine and ScienceLine pH and mV electrodes are also available. TruLine electrodes are compact in design, available as glass or plastic probe bodies, and can be ordered with or without temperature sensors and with a refillable option. The TruLine electrodes are proven, highly versatile laboratory electrodes for the most demanding measurements. The ScienceLine electrodes include the temperature sensor and can be ordered with a platinum or ground junction.

SLE Synthetic Sorbent Line

The Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction (SLE) sorbent line has been extended to include tube formats, in addition to the original 96-well plate formats. Novum is a synthetic alternative to traditional diatomaceous earth SLE (also known as supported liquid extraction) products and provides a simplified approach to traditional liquid-liquid extraction (LLE). Novum is now available in 1, 3, 6, and 12 cc tubes. Novum tubes can be automated using a liquid handler and can also be run using a cost-effective vacuum manifold to run 12 or 24 samples at once for increased throughput over traditional LLE. Extraction techniques used prior to LC and GC can improve results and reduce wear and tear on the instrument. As the first of its kind, the synthetic Novum SLE sorbent can be used with the same solvents as traditional SLE sorbents while delivering improved lot-to-lot reproducibility.

Live Cell Imaging

The CytoSMART System is an easy-to-use and affordable live cell imaging system that enables researchers to take time-lapse videos and images of their cell culture without needing to manually inspect their cells. The images taken with the CytoSMART Device are transmitted into the CytoSMART Cloud, enabling researchers to view their cell culture outside of the lab at any time through a web browser, whether via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The system combines 24 hour peace of mind with a number of advanced functions. Among others, these include a graphical readout that reports ongoing cell confluency and automatic email alerts that can be configured to inform the user when certain milestones are reached (e.g., based on confluency). CytoSMART System is ideal for a number of applications, such as cell culture monitoring and documentation, migration and scratch assays, and cell culture standardization.

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