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Science  04 Sep 2015:
Vol. 349, Issue 6252, pp. 1125
DOI: 10.1126/science.349.6252.1125-a

qPCR Master Mix

Kapa Probe Force is a highly inhibitor-resistant quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) master mix that removes the need for DNA purification, enabling streamlined sample-to-quantitation in less than an hour. The master mix contains a high-performance engineered DNA polymerase enzyme specially designed to overcome blood, tissue, and plant PCR inhibitors. With Kapa Probe Force, crude samples can now be analyzed with comparable accuracy, reproducibility, and sensitivity as purified DNA. The product is designed for low- or high-throughput genotyping, as well as gene expression studies. Kapa Probe Force is ideally suited for direct qPCR analysis of challenging sample types without the need for purification. Users can create streamlined, cost-effective workflows designed to fit any budget, without compromise.

Reservoir Plate

The Echo 525 liquid handler now has expanded capabilities with the introduction of the Echo qualified reservoir, a liquid handler source plate designed to enable convenient assay assembly and efficient large reagent volume transfers. The reservoir enables scientists performing genomic, proteomic, and cell-based assays to reduce the use of costly reagents while achieving rapid fluid transfers. The Echo 525 liquid handler utilizes ultrasound acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) technology to rapidly transfer liquids between microplates in nanoliter increments. Without using pins or tips, the Echo 525 liquid handler can accurately dispense 25 nL per droplet, enabling assay miniaturization and improving data quality. The system requires no user calibration, as it adjusts the transfer parameters for each well based on the acoustic analysis of the fluid to be transferred. The product's 6-well design enables the transfer of over 15 mL from a single plate.

DNA/RNA/Protein Purification System

Low and medium-throughput laboratories now have an alternative to manual processes and spin-column methods for nucleic acid purification, thanks to a new automated system. Designed for research labs and small biotech firms looking to simplify DNA, RNA, and protein purification processes, the new KingFisher Duo Prime system builds upon the utility of the existing KingFisher Duo system to help improve reproducibility and deliver high-quality samples with less time and effort than traditional manual methods. With the KingFisher Duo, isolating DNA from 12 blood samples takes as little as 53 minutes and requires only 15 minutes of hands-on time compared to manual spin-column methods, which take up to 90 minutes of hands-on time. The system is designed to isolate DNA, RNA, and proteins from a variety of starting materials, including cell-free body fluids, blood, bacteria, cell cultures, tissue, and plant samples.

Sample Evaporator

Using a patented, vacuum-assisted vortex concentration technology, the Smart Evaporator from Asynt sets a new standard for labs tasked with drying sample tubes and vials. The spiral air flow generated by this unique concentration technology allows the Smart Evaporator to rapidly concentrate even high boiling solvents and water without heating to high temperatures. The spiral plug concentration technology works by using a vacuum to draw air/nitrogen through a spiral slit, generating a vortex that both stirs the sample and creates an increased evaporative surface area. This unique technology allows you to evaporate without the worry of solvent bumping and the need to constantly monitor the equipment. As the spiral plugs are tapered, the Smart Evaporator is compatible with almost any type of vial or sample tube. When using the Smart Evaporator, there is no need to switch sample tubes and risk losing sample or to increase the volume of solvent to evaporate because of extra washing steps.

Thermal Mixer

The BioShake thermal mixer can now be applied to even more versatile applications of sample preparation, because a specific adapter block has been developed for the 96-well, 0.8 mL ABgene storage plate. This plate is used as a so-called MIDI plate with Illumina's sample preparation kits for next-generation sequencing. The new BioShake adapter, made of aluminum, allows precise heating and smooth mixing of the plate at 1,800 rpm. The high-frequency shaker automatically detects the adapter. Rates up to 3,000 rpm and heating up to 99°are programmed via keypad. Additionally, a "short-mix" function and short programs can be started. In addition to the existing adapters (for tubes from 0.2 mL to 4 mL, microtiter and deep-well plates, and conical 5 mL, 15 mL, or 50 mL tubes), the new adapter expands the application variety of this compact thermal shaker.

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