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Science  11 Sep 2015:
Vol. 349, Issue 6253, pp. 1246
DOI: 10.1126/science.349.6253.1246-a

Protein Digestion Kit

A new tool for protein digestion, the SMART Digest kit is designed to substantially reduce preparation times and associated errors, facilitating fast, reliable analytical results. Current protein digestion techniques comprise complex procedures requiring determination of protein concentration followed by sample reduction and alkylation prior to digestion with trypsin. To improve this operation, the kit uses a simple three-step, easy-to-implement process that can be automated. Its immobilized trypsin design is formulated for high-quality data with a significantly reduced sample preparation time compared to traditional in-solution digestion methods. The increased reproducibility of digestion possible with this kit should enable users to implement generic, rapid, and robust methods for high-throughput sample processing. The SMART Digest kit is also designed to provide higher sequence coverage while reducing both chemically induced posttranslational modifications and the number of chemicals in the final sample.

Validated Antibodies

A new product line of PrecisonAb Antibodies has been rigorously validated for use in Western blotting. These antibodies offer superior sensitivity, specificity, and reliability. They also come with the industry's most complete validation data so researchers can accurately assess the antibodies' performance before buying, and a positive control lysate so researchers can optimize the antibodies in their own labs. These are the first of thousands of PrecisionsAb Antibodies Bio-Rad plans to release to help researchers improve their Western blotting results. Scientists have struggled with antibody unreliability for decades because manufacturing standards and quality control vary widely among vendors, targets, and even among antibody lots. PrecisionAb Antibodies are screened using whole-cell lysates from up to 12 different biologically relevant cell lines—by far the industry's most rigorous validation process. Only antibodies that detect endogenous protein levels with high sensitivity and specificity are included in the PrecisionAb product line.

Protein Pegylation Service

Pegylation services are now offered to customers developing protein-based therapeutics and biosimilars through a new collaboration with Celares GmbH. The service offering includes feasibility studies, process and analytical development, and scale-up from milligram to gram quantities required for pilot and subsequent commercial scale. Pegylation, the attachment of polyethylene glycol (PEG) to a molecule, can significantly improve the pharmacological and physicochemical properties of peptide and protein therapeutics and reduce side effects. This well-recognized delivery system for biologics can enhance protein stability, bioavailability, and solubility, overcoming common challenges in the development of these therapeutics. The new services will leverage EMD Millipore's broad range of functionalized PEG products of different molecular weight and activation chemistry, as well as buffers, solvents and excipients, and unit operations employed during the pegylation process and subsequent purification, including tangential and normal flow filtration and chromatography.

Conjugated Antibodies

A new range of conjugated antibodies leverages Innova's Lightning-Link and InnovaCoatbioconjugation technologies to provide customers with antibodies conjugated to an extensive range of enzymes, fluorescent dyes, and colloidal gold for improved flexibility in experimental design. The new range comprises 200 antibodies to nearly 30 different cardiac biomarkers, each available directly conjugated to 24 different enzymes, fluorescent dyes, or nanoparticles. In conjunction with the new range, a new corporate website provides customers with easier online ordering facilities, as well as access to a range of resources and support materials. The website also features an Antibody Conjugate Generator tool, which enables customers ordering from the new conjugated antibodies range to select any desired cardiac marker, antibody clone, and label. The online Conjugate Generator provides customers with unprecedented flexibility, speed, and conjugation possibilities, enabling highly tailored reagents to be created at a fraction of the cost of a custom conjugation project.

Host Cell Protein Detection Kit

The Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kit 1 detects and quantifies host cell proteins (HCPs) from Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells used in the bioprocessing of biotherapeutics. HCPs are measured throughout the production process, as they may affect the safety and efficacy of the biotherapeutic. The kit has been validated for use on the Gyrolab xP workstation and the new Gyrolab xPlore and is ready to use, eliminating the need for time-consuming assay development. The automation capabilities of Gyrolab systems enable 96 data points to be generated in approximately 1 hour without manual intervention, saving time and reducing errors and repeats. The kit broadens the analytical range from typically two orders of magnitude to four, and therefore requires fewer dilutions and fewer reruns than alternative methods. The kit contains all the reagents needed to produce 96 data points, including a specific Bioaffy CD that has been optimized for this HCP assay.

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