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Science  18 Sep 2015:
Vol. 349, Issue 6254, pp. 1359
DOI: 10.1126/science.349.6254.1359-a

CCD-UV Absorbance Spectrophotometer

The newest vacuum ultraviolet analytical spectrophotometer capitalizes on the speed and sensitivity of direct detection, ultraviolet sensitive charge-coupled device detectors. Faster data acquisition enables more complex data sets involving spectral response vs. temperature or time. Fast acquisition also protects against potential measurement errors due to changing sample or environmental conditions. No parts move during measurement, and the system attains very high reproducibility and wavelength calibration. For absorbance measurements from 120 nm to 215 nm, for example, users can collect the entire range with better than 0.5 nm spectral resolution in milliseconds. McPherson's fast spectrophotometer features an open concept sample area. It works with commercial cryostats as well as sample cells having magnesium fluoride or other ultraviolet-transmitting crystalline windows. A three-position sample mount for 1 inch diameter optical samples is standard equipment. The computer-optimized optical system delivers focused monochromatic light from deuterium or xenon sources to the sample.

Freezer Management Software

Mosaic Freezer Management is a cost-effective, preconfigured software package optimized for managing small to medium-sized sample collections. It is based on the latest version of Titian's preeminent sample management software, Mosaic 6.0, and therefore benefits from intuitive inventory tracking, and streamlined laboratory workflows, and can be extended in capacity and capability to meet future demands. Mosaic Freezer Management has been designed to be easy to use and highly efficient. It enables users to record the properties and locations for a number of sample types, including tissues, cells, and antibodies, via its simple web browser interface. Users are also able to quickly and efficiently find and pick their samples using multi-criteria searches and a printable map of locations. Responding to the need for accurate traceability, the package also maintains a comprehensive audit trail, with all operations performed on all samples recorded in full.

Multimode Detection System

The GloMax Explorer Multimode Detection System is a flexible multimode reader for luminescence, fluorescence, and absorbance detection integrated with over 50 optimized, preloaded Promega protocols. The GloMax Explorer System is designed with preloaded Promega protocols to minimize time spent optimizing instrument settings. Complemented by the wide range of integrated Promega assays, GloMax Explorer provides high sensitivity, a broad dynamic range, and low well-to-well cross talk that generate more usable and relevant data. Users also have the option of customizing their own protocols in accordance with specific needs. Integrated with over 50 preloaded protocols, the Explorer System allows researchers to choose a range of detection modules for their current work and to upgrade capabilities as their experimental needs grow. As the newest member of the GloMax System detection instruments, GloMax Explorer allows researchers to choose a range of detection modules for their current work and upgrade capabilities as their experimental needs grow.

Oncomine Focus Assay

Translational and clinical research laboratories now have access to a multi-biomarker, next-generation sequencing panel that includes 52 solid tumor genes associated with current oncology drugs and published evidence. The Oncomine Focus Assay allows concurrent analysis of DNA and RNA, enabling sequencing of 35 hotspot genes, 19 genes associated with copy number gain, and 23 fusion genes, all in a single workflow, using the Ion Personal Genome Machine System. The assay also leverages Ion AmpliSeq technology's low DNA and RNA sample input requirements from formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue (10 ng extracted nucleic acid per reaction for a total of 20 ng per sample) to enable accurate and reliable sequence analysis across a large range of tumor sample types, including small biopsies and fine needle aspirates. The biomarkers included in the Oncomine Focus Assay were selected using the Oncomine Knowledgebase, the world's largest collection of oncology data.

Liquid Handler Management

ArtelWare v1.3 has been designed with a new feature set that extends the comprehensive capabilities of this software for the MVS Multichannel Verification System. This latest version delivers advanced grouping and filtering tools, enabling the user to compare liquid handlers by make and model in addition to comparing pipetting performance of specific volumes and target solutions. This function allows the scientist to fine-tune many parameters to determine which instrument and settings are best for the task at hand. ArtelWare also now enables the user to track the performance of the MVS Calibrator Plate over time, which is valuable in regulated environments that need verification and traceability. Artel has also integrated interactive customer feedback communication into ArtelWare, enabling scientists to participate in the ongoing development of the software by delivering change requests to Artel as they are realized.

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