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Science  09 Oct 2015:
Vol. 350, Issue 6257, pp. 223
DOI: 10.1126/science.350.6257.223-a


AirClean Systems PowderSafe Type B enclosures usher in a new era of powder weighing and containment technology. PowderSafe Type B enclosures provide a controlled negative pressure high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA)-filtered environment for professionals to work with and weigh powders. PowderSafe Type B is fabricated with polypropylene, which is a chemically resistant, high-mass polymer. The innate chemical resistance of polypropylene allows users to easily clean the enclosure without the worry of degradation, while the high mass construction alleviates the threat of vibration and balance disturbance during weighing. Exclusive to PowderSafe enclosures, HEPASafe technology allows the operator to safely and easily change both the prefilter and the primary HEPA filter while the enclosure remains under negative pressure. Furthermore, FlowSmooth technology provides even, horizontal air distribution throughout the enclosure, preventing turbulence. This laminar horizontal air movement is also key to operator protection from hazardous chemicals and compounds being manipulated within the enclosure.

Temperature Freezer

A new ultralow temperature freezer is designed to offer laboratories and biorepositories a greener solution: less power consumption, less noise, and higher efficiency without compromising sample integrity. The TSX ultralow temperature freezer features natural refrigerants for lower environmental impact and higher cooling efficiency. Due to its intuitive design, the TSX freezer uses up to 50% less energy than conventional refrigerant ultralow freezers and delivers temperature uniformity that continuously adapts to a laboratory's environment. Conventional ultralow temperature freezers use single-speed compressors that continually cycle on and off, resulting in poor temperature recovery following door openings. The TSX is the only freezer of its kind equipped with the unique V-drive technology. When conditions are stable, the V-drive is designed to operate at a low speed to reduce energy consumption while maintaining a uniform temperature.

Thermal Cycler

The Biometra TRIO, based on the successful successor model TProfessional TRIO, features a 7-inch colored touchscreen and a completely new software interface, and has a very low noise emission. The three independent blocks and heated lids allow three different polymerase chain reaction (PCR) protocols to run simultaneously with superior ramp rates. The Biometra TRIO blocks can reach heating and cooling rates of up to 5°per second. The software offers comfortable user management with individually assignable user rights settings. A single touch leads from the spreadsheet to the graphical programming and the optional temperature optimization step (TOS) function, which can be used to find the optimal annealing temperature of new primer pairs. Additionally, the software offers extensive USB functions, a backup function for saved programs, and a multiblock start and stop function, for example.

Water Analysis Meters

The OHAUS Starter Series features an ingeniously practical lineup of pen, portable, and benchtop water analysis meters to fulfill the needs of laboratory professionals in various workplaces. The Starter Series provides quality-driven water analysis products under the OHAUS tradition of best-in-class measurement at value-driven pricing. Ranging from basic models to high-performance features, the OHAUS Starter bench meters provide sturdy and accurate measurement for a variety of laboratory applications. The functional design has made measurements even easier, utilizing a large liquid crystal display (LCD) touchscreen, clearly marked input keys, and versatile electrode holder options. The versatile Starter portable meters feature a compact and ergonomic design that fits in the palm of your hand. Rounding out the new OHAUS Starter Series are the compact and productive Starter pen meters. Offering speed and accuracy in the most rugged environments, the Starter pen meters use an IP67-rated waterproof housing.

Liquid Handler

The Echo 525 liquid handler comes with the Echo qualified reservoir, a liquid handler source plate designed to enable convenient assay assembly and efficient large reagent volume transfers. The Echo 525 utilizes ultrasound acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) technology to rapidly transfer liquids between microplates in nanoliter increments. Without using pins or tips, the Echo 525 can accurately dispense 25 nL per droplet, enabling assay miniaturization and improving data quality. The system requires no user calibration as it adjusts the transfer parameters for each well based on the acoustic analysis of the fluid to be transferred. The Echo qualified reservoir is specifically designed for the Echo 525 liquid handler, to improve efficiency when transferring a single fluid to many wells in a destination plate. The reservoir's 6-well design enables the transfer of over 15 mL from a single plate.

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