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Science  23 Oct 2015:
Vol. 350, Issue 6259, pp. 460
DOI: 10.1126/science.350.6259.460-a

Biospecimen Handling/Transport System

The CryoPod Carrier is a liquid nitrogen (LN2)-based system for the safe, reliable, and protected handling and transport of cryogenic biospecimens. The carrier is a breakthrough technology that enables more than 4 hours of < –150°temperature stability for cryogenically frozen biospecimens and therapeutics, keeping them well below glass transition (Tg) temperature where biological activity may cease. The CryoPod Carrier provides a safe, portable, and trackable solution for hand-carrying temperature-sensitive, cryogenically frozen biological materials through the use of a special material that holds and minimizes LN2 movement and prevents LN2 from coming in contact with the samples. The instrument displays temperature, date, and time, and features audible and visual alarms as well as logging capabilities. The carrier can integrate with an automated filling station, ensuring hands-free, safer handling, and replenishing the LN2 charge in less than 15 minutes. At 20 pounds, it is lightweight and compact.

Solid Phase Extraction

The Oasis PRiME HLB is a first-of-its-kind, next-generation solid phase extraction (SPE) product that provides cleaner samples in less time and with less effort for liquid chromatography (LC) and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) analyses. Oasis PRiME hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB) cartridges and multiwell plates simplify and speed up extraction protocols to ensure consistent, reproducible LC and LC-MS results. Laboratories can now process samples up to 40% faster and deliver samples that are up to 70% cleaner with fewer LC-MS matrix effects than samples prepared using other extraction techniques. Oasis PRiME HLB Sorbent is available immediately worldwide. Whether doing bioanalysis, food analysis, or forensic toxicological screening by LC and LC-MS, few things are more important to getting quality analytical results than a clean sample. That's why today's scientists need three things from a sample preparation protocol: simplicity, speed, and cleaner eluates. For scientists working with samples containing proteins, fats, or lipids, Oasis PRiME HLB fulfills all three requirements and is now the gold standard for SPE.

FISH Probes

Cytocell Pathology FISH probes now include eight new probes. The new additions to the Cytocell range include high-quality pathology fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probes for 1q25, 1p36, 19p13, 19q13, ROS1-GOPC, and RET. In addition to pathology probes, a large number of other probes are available, including hematology and hematopathology probes, as well as whole-chromosome and murine-chromosome painting probes. Importantly, Cytocell FISH probes provide bright signals for easy, accurate scoring, leading to consistent results. Not only does Cytocell offer an extensive range of high-quality FISH probes, the customer support is excellent and provides fast access to the probes.

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Western Blotting System

Based on proprietary sequential lateral flow (SLF), the latest iBind Flex Western System is designed to enable a more versatile walk-away solution for the immunodetection step in a Western blotting workflow. Researchers now have the ability to adapt the iBind Flex Western Device to a variety of blot formats and sample throughput. Compatible with downstream chemiluminescent, colorimetric, or fluorescent detection protocols and optimized for higher sensitivity and reproducibility, the iBind Flex offers the potential for a significant reduction in primary antibody required when compared to manual blot processing. Experimental results can be achieved without the need for power, pumps, or vacuums through the use of SLF technology, which is designed to automate the blocking, primary, and secondary antibody binding and washing steps for immunodetection of proteins transferred to a nitrocellulose or polyvinylidine difluoride (PVDF) membrane. The sequential and uniform flow of solutions across a glass fiber matrix ensures a consistent antigen-antibody interaction to deliver robust protein detection.

Color Camera

The Leica DMC4500 Allrounder camera is an ideal tool for advanced analysis and documentation. The camera is fast, with a 5-megapixel coupled-charge device (CCD) sensor, providing a live image speed of up to 18 frames per second. Its USB 3.0 interface provides fast interaction between the camera and computer, making it compatible with desktop computers and laptops alike. The DMC4500 is an ideal choice for most analysis and documentation tasks, due to its exceptional picture quality and ease of use. Although some cameras are dedicated to specific tasks, this versatile camera can handle many applications in industry as well as in life sciences, with the exception of fluorescence-only applications. The DMC4500's USB 3.0 interface is an upgrade from the formerly common firewire interface, and the CCD sensor provides true-color rendering in the high-resolution images it produces.

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