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Europe's research chief wants scientists to speak up

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Science  20 Nov 2015:
Vol. 350, Issue 6263, pp. 897-898
DOI: 10.1126/science.350.6263.897

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Science sat down with European research commissioner Carlos Moedas, a smiling, mild-mannered polyglot with experience in engineering, real estate, and investment banking, to discuss his plans for science in the European Union. Moedas's maneuvering space is small; Europe's flagship research program, the 7-year, €80 billion Horizon 2020, was launched before he arrived. But in a big speech in June, he announced plans to help innovation flourish, boost science data sharing, and develop science ties with other continents. In the interview, Moedas expressed confidence that investing in science will boost Europe's economies; he said that he has the ear of President Jean-Claude Juncker and explained the need for a European Innovation Council.

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