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Science  18 Dec 2015:
Vol. 350, Issue 6267, pp. 1557
DOI: 10.1126/science.350.6267.1557-a

Western Blot Imaging System

The Omega Lum G from Aplegen is the ideal package for those looking for a gel and Western blot imaging documentation system. Simply unpack it to get started capturing images of your gels and blots. As with all Aplegen systems, it is powered by the intelligent SmartCapture Technology, which simplifies imaging to the point where the user just has to pick an application and the image is automatically captured with the optimum exposure. This automatically controlled system even takes care of filter selection and focusing, so the user will have a publication-quality image at the click of a button. It can be used for fluorescent gels and chemiluminescent blots. Additionally, the Omega Lum G's multiple excitation sources make it suitable for nucleotide and protein stains. The system is compatible with an extensive range of dyes and includes a 6 million pixel resolution camera that is cooled to an impressive –35°C.

UHPLC System

A new ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) system delivers exceptional performance and reliable separations with the flexibility required for labs developing methods ranging from high-throughput analyses to pharmaceutical quality-control applications. The Vanquish Flex UHPLC system is designed for high speed, resolution, and sensitivity, allowing users to perform biocompatible analysis to obtain high quality and consistent data. The system's integrated modular design allows customers to mix and match modules depending on the demands of the application. Throughout the bio-pharmaceutical workflow, data integrity is essential to ensure the best decisions can be made, from drug discovery and development to batch release in quality control. The Vanquish Flex system is designed to provide sharp peaks at high throughputs, allowing more data to be analyzed in less time. Data quality is ensured via the system's robustness and repeatability, ensuring that large sample sets can be analyzed for comparison during quality control protocols.

Conjugated Antibodies

A new, unique range of conjugated antibodies leverages Innova's Lightning-Link and InnovaCoatbioconjugation technologies to provide customers with antibodies conjugated to an extensive range of enzymes, fluorescent dyes, and colloidal gold, for improved flexibility in experimental design. The new range comprises 200 antibodies to nearly 30 different cardiac biomarkers, each available directly conjugated to 24 different enzymes, fluorescent dyes, or nanoparticles. Innova intends to expand the range into other key research areas in the near future, catering to an increasingly wide scientific audience. In conjunction with its new range of antibodies, Innova has launched a new corporate website to provide customers with easier online ordering facilities as well as access to a range of resources and support materials.

Microbiological Systems

The next generation Chromogenic ID software module, for the ProtoCOL 3 and Protos 3 colony counters, analyzes chromogenic agars from major media supplier E&O Laboratories, which means microbiologists can now use ProtoCOL 3 and Protos 3 systems to quickly and easily identify and count pathogens cultured on chromogenic plates from both E&O Laboratories and CHROMagar. The new Chromogenic ID software module ensures that the ProtoCOL 3 and Protos 3 systems can, in seconds, precisely identify and count any bacteria or yeast cultured on E&O chromogenic or Colorex plates, saving microbiologists time examining colonies and ensuring that critical microbial identification results are consistent from one microbiologist to another. The ProtoCOL 3 and Protos 3 systems allow precise chromogenic colony identification by capturing true-to-life color images of colonies on chromogenic plates utilizing their patented red, blue, and green lighting.

Motorized Stage System

The OptiScan III is the newest generation of the OptiScan system. The OptiScan III is an affordable, accurate stage and focus system for routine microscopy procedures requiring high precision. The OptiScan III offers the user full control in the x, y, and z axes via compatibility with OptiScan motorized stages for both inverted and upright microscopes and for Prior's nonencoded focus motors and FB series motorized focus blocks. The system offers an xy step size of 1.0 µm and a z-axis step size of 0.1 µm, providing excellent precision for a wide variety of potential applications. Its S-curve acceleration curve provides smooth and almost vibration-free movement of the stage. Both the focus and stage can be controlled by joystick or via computer using an RS232 or USB connection. The OptiScan III system is fully compatible with the vast majority of common imaging software. A software development toolkit is also provided with the system.

Monoclonal Antibody

A new immunohistochemistry (IHC)-approved, human-specific, VISTA rabbit monoclonal antibody (mAb) is now available for use in biomedical research. VISTA (V-domain Ig suppressor of T-cell activation, C10orf54, GI24, SISP1) is a negative checkpoint control protein that regulates T-cell activation and immune response. Its role in negative checkpoint control has made it an important target in the field of tumor immunology, a field that seeks to develop better therapeutic options by dismantling the mechanisms tumors use to generate and thrive in their own immunosuppressive microenvironments. VISTA (D1L2G) XP Rabbit mAb #64953 is validated using Cell Signaling Technology's rigorous standards, to recognize human VISTA in IHC and Western blot research applications.

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