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Science  22 Jan 2016:
Vol. 351, Issue 6271, pp. 412
DOI: 10.1126/science.351.6271.412

High-Voltage Power Supply

The high-voltage power supply series now features a 10,000-V configuration. The 10-kV model joins the already popular 1-, 2-, and 5-kV versions, all of which are used for many purposes in the laboratory. They power photomultiplier tubes, channel and electron multipliers, microchannel plates, and anything that benefits from a stable, adjustable high-voltage supply. Like existing models, the 10-kV Model 7645 is highly regulated and very stable. Voltage is set at the front panel by a precise 10-turn potentiometer. The easy to read 4.5-digit liquid crystal display (LCD) allows users to confidently set and deliver high-voltage levels with 0.001% peak-to-peak regulation. The instrument rear panel features a scaled analog input for remote control and a current monitor output. The new Model 7645 10-kV power supply operates sensitive photomultiplier tubes and related devices for critical photometric and spectroscopy applications.

Table Top Centrifuges

Blue Line table top centrifuges can accommodate sample volumes from 18 × 0.2 ml up to 4 × 200 ml. They have a maximum speed of 18,000 rpm/maximum relative centrifugal force (RCF) of 30,065 x g. The MicroCen and the UniCen can be instantly recognized by their blue covers, and both series can be supplied as refrigerated versions. A range of rotors are available for all models. Customer safety is very important to Herolab, so all models come with a range of standard safety features. For example, the stainless steel chamber has an additional inner guard ring. The Automatic Positive Rotor Identification (APRI) system recognizes the rotor itself and checks for the speed setting. If the speed is selected too high for a particular rotor, the machine will automatically reduce the speed setting to the maximum speed possible for that rotor. If any imbalance is detected, an automatic cutoff will activate.

Tube Racks

Hamilton introduces the RackWare HD138 and HD60 high-density Society for Biomolecular Screening (SBS)-footprint racks for microtube and cryovial storage. Designed for use with Hamilton's BiOS, Sample Access Manager (SAM), and Verso sample management and storage systems, the new RackWare increases the storage capacity in a given space by increasing the number of tubes that can be placed in an SBS-footprint rack. These new racks can also be used to maximize storage in manual freezers. RackWare HD138 supports most major 96-format labware and increases storage capacity in a comparable SBS footprint from 96 to 138 tubes. RackWare HD60 increases the storage from 48 to 60 larger cryovials. A common problem in today's labs is ever-growing sample collections coupled with less and less available space. Our new automation-friendly, high-density storage format can deliver space savings of more than 25%, combined with similar savings in both investment and operating costs per sample.

Sample Cooling Block

The ChilliBlock is designed for precise, controlled cooling and heating of biological samples in microplates, vials, and Eppendorf tubes. ChilliBlocks can be used directly in conjunction with an ice bath to keep your samples cool and dry. For precise temperature-controlled experiments, ChilliBlocks should be used with our cooling/heating base unit. The ChilliBlock base unit attaches to most laboratory cooling/heating circulators, enabling precise, stable, and even temperature control of biological samples from –30°C to +160°C. Insulated to prevent ice formation at lower temperatures and ensure homogeneity, the ChilliBlock enables stable, consistent temperature control (+/–0.1°C) of biological samples, for a wide range of standard and custom container formats. Manufactured from clear, resistant, anodized aluminum, ChilliBlocks offer good chemical resistance and homogeneous sample temperatures. The ChilliBlock's low profile makes it fully compatible with robotic sample-handling systems.

Horizontal Clean Benches

The new horizontal clean benches combine Class 100 (ISO 5) process protection with rugged, easy-to-clean polypropylene construction and microprocessor-based controls. Horizontal laminar flow clean benches from AirClean Systems are the ideal solution for Class 100 (ISO 5) applications where process protection is needed. Constructed from all-white, seamless polypropylene, these workstations are easy to clean and can be used for many applications, including electronic assembly, intravenous (IV) admixture preparation, tissue culture, optic repair, and media preparation. The horizontal clean benches are available in several sizes and can be placed on a benchtop or a cart/stand. Standard on all horizontal clean benches, the UVTect controller constantly monitors filter conditions and airflow. UVTect will alert the operator of insufficient airflow and needed filter changes. These workstations are made in the United States and are shipped fully assembled.

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