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Science  05 Feb 2016:
Vol. 351, Issue 6273, pp. 540-542
DOI: 10.1126/science.351.6273.540

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In science news around the world, scientists lose their fight to study 9000-year-old bones in California, a twisty stellarator begins its scientific work in earnest, a U.K. scientist gets permission to modify human embryos, more than 300 Nobel laureates sign a letter calling on Iran to free a jailed chemist, the United States pledges $1 billion to jump-start its "moonshot" to cure cancer, and more. Also, disgraced stem cell researcher Haruko Obokata tells her side of the story of the unraveling of the discovery of stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency cells. And the award-winning structure The Hive, a centerpiece of the U.K. Pavilion at the Milan Expo in Italy last year, is set to alight at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, this summer.