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Science  29 Apr 2016:
Vol. 352, Issue 6285, pp. 617
DOI: 10.1126/science.352.6285.617

Thermal Mixer

The Heat Cool Thermal Mixer II has a large intuitive touchscreen, interchangeable auto-recognized blocks to fit most laboratory consumables, multiple modes for increased process performance, and a large and accurate temperature and mixing range. The Heat Cool Thermal Mixer II has up to five programmable timed steps to create unique temperature and mixing profiles. The parameters can be quickly changed for warming, cooling, or mixing of samples. Typical laboratory uses include extraction, expression, labeling, and purification and analysis of proteins, DNA, plasmids, RNA, from gels, magnetic beads, tissue, or biological samples. Cloning through vector ligation and insertion, host cell transformation, transfection, cell cultivation, and in vitro synthesis of proteins can be performed via this versatile instrument. General buffer and sample preparation, enzymatic reactions and digestion, nucleic acid purification, prep work for immune assays, and blots as well as time, temperature, mixing rate, and the operation mode can be tailored for the sample analysis process.

Blue LED Transilluminator

Over the last few years, the use of blue light illumination for the excitation of some dyes (including ethidium bromide) has increased. The most significant reasons for this are that blue light around 470 nm is "safe" and does not have the hazards associated with the use of ultraviolet (UV) illumination, and also that blue light does not damage the DNA sample. Herolab's four new models cover filter sizes from 11 cm × 14 cm up to a large 22 cm × 28 cm version, and use special filter glass for optimum blue light excitation. The illumination is provided by premium-quality blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that render a homogenous area of light because of the high-quality diffuser screen. This homogeneity is essential for ensuring evenly illuminated gels with good image quality and accuracy when undertaking analysis. Furthermore, the enhanced filter and lighting configuration ensures a reduced background signal, aiding the capture of high-contrast images that are ideal for publication purposes and for working in preparative modes.

–70°C Walk-In Chamber

A revolutionary –70°C walk-in chamber, the Polar50 is a 50-m3 chamber that offers customers from industry and academia a unique opportunity to store biological, pharmaceutical, and medical products at ultralow temperatures. This capability includes storage of cell lines/extracts, DNA/RNA, blood, tissue, and many other substances. The chamber provides –70°C storage capabilities with a +/–1% tolerance. This temperature is maintained by a purpose-designed, dual refrigeration system that provides 100% operating redundancy to ensure 24/7 compliance for a consistent and controlled environment. The Polar50 is available not only for outsourced storage, but is designed to allow easy installation into any existing stability suite, eliminating the need for multiple upright freezers and offering significant savings in power usage, floor space, and costs.

Filtered Chemical Workstations

Isola Series Filtered Chemical Workstations are the next advanced solution in ductless technology. These workstations are high-efficiency products that protect the end user and the environment from hazardous chemical fumes and vapors. Their key safety feature is the filtration matrix, which consists of three stages of filtration media that effectively adsorb and capture a wide range of contaminates. The Isola Filtered Chemical Workstation Series offers three models, providing customers a variety of options without compromising safety. The Isola VUE features a 360° clear viewing area, which makes it ideal for demonstration experiments. The Isola PRO is a polypropylene-filtered workstation, providing excellent chemical resistance for corrosive applications. The Isola EDGE offers a dual-wall, thermally fused solid polypropylene main chamber, allowing the installation of common laboratory fixtures and electrical outlets if needed.

Environmental Chambers

A new range of 230-V environmental chambers are designed to provide highly stable environmental conditions. There are two models available in the range: the wide temperature units with humidity control (available in 311 L and 821 L) and a heat-only model (available in 821 L) that is tailored for large-scale clinical applications and microbiology. For applications requiring close control of a CO2 environment, there's an optional infrared CO2 package available that can be added to the wide temperature model. The interior of the environmental chambers is designed for stability. The horizontal laminar airflow system enables ideal temperature uniformity and fast recovery rates, which provide an optimal growth and testing environment even with large product loads or heat-generating equipment. The environmental chambers feature a broad temperature range spanning from 0°C to 60°C, and the relative humidity is easily controlled to meet the needs of different applications.

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