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Science  06 May 2016:
Vol. 352, Issue 6286, pp. 730
DOI: 10.1126/science.352.6286.730-a

FISH Hybridization System

A high-capacity system for performing fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) assays is now available. The system consists of one CytoBrite Slide Incubation System for performing rapid probe denaturation on batches of 12 FISH slides, and one CytoBrite Slide Oven for overnight hybridization of 60 slides. Removable slide trays streamline slide setup and transfers between instruments. The combined instruments are equivalent to six older-generation ThermoBrite instruments at a fraction of the bench space and cost.

Automated Immunoassay Platform

A pioneer in miniaturizing and automating immunoassays at nanoliter scale has released the Gyrolab Affinity Software module, which is available on both the Gyrolab xP workstation and the recently launched single compact disc (CD) Gyrolab xPlore system. This new, intuitive software module enables users to easily set up and run in-solution affinity determinations of up to 14 interacting pairs in parallel in just one hour. Characterization of antibody-target binding is a critical element in the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies. Gyros technology allows biotherapeutic developers to determine accurate equilibrium dissociation constants (KD) of unmodified substances down to low-picomolar levels by measuring free interactants in equilibrated solutions. The flow-through affinity column format in Gyrolab CDs is ideal for in-solution affinity determination, as interaction times of only a few seconds avoid the equilibrium shifts inherent in assays requiring longer incubation times.

Handheld Scanner

The HandHeld is a truly portable instrument for manual sample picking and effective use in the field. This intelligent device provides users with the ability to immediately identify tubes and track samples when away from the lab. This includes manual picking from repositories as well as effective recording when collecting samples in the field. The new Ziath HandHeld scanner can be operated using one hand, and incorporates a lightweight build and intuitive interface that is easy enough for anyone in the lab to use. Its portable nature is perfect for a number of underserved applications, such as generating multiple pick lists for accurate tube selection, vial checking to confirm sample labelling, and easily recording samples in the field at the point of collection. Because the scanner is battery operated, users have the option to effortlessly enter data about specific samples as soon as they are scanned.

Oligonucleotide Conjugation Kit

Thunder-Link PLUS is a new and improved version of the original Thunder-Link kit, enabling even faster and more efficient oligonucleotide conjugation. The new kit offers all of the advantages of the original Thunder-Link technology, but now also works with antibody fragments and small proteins. Thunder-Link PLUS provides antibody and oligo activation in just 30 minutes, and oligo conjugation in only one hour, with no lengthy protocols. The kit enables excellent antibody and oligo recovery, with a robust and flexible cleanup procedure. Fast, easy, and efficient conjugation of oligonucleotides and antibodies has traditionally been a major obstacle when developing assays such as immuno-polymerase chain reaction (immuno-PCR), proximity extension assays, proximity ligation assays, and electrochemical proximity assays. Thunder-Link and now Thunder-Link PLUS are the easiest to use, fastest, most efficient, and most effective oligonucleotide conjugation kits of their kind on the market.

Cell Growth Substrate

The substrate rigidity to which cells adhere can affect cell propagation, differentiation, lineage specification, gene expression, morphology, and migration. Grow cells in their native, in vivo softness with the new CytoSoft Discovery Kit. The kit contains seven plates with different elastic moduli (0.2, 0.5, 2, 8, 16, 32, and 64 kPa), covering a broad physiological range. On the bottom of each well, there is a thin layer of specially formulated biocompatible silicone, whose elastic modulus is carefully measured and certified. The surfaces of CytoSoft are functionalized to form covalent bonds with amines on proteins. Cells are given the opportunity to grow in the in vivo softness they enjoy.


The Mosaic SampleBank offers the benefits of sample management best practices gained from collaborating with big pharma companies in a cost-effective format that can be deployed quickly. SampleBank encapsulates key modules of Titian's industry-leading Mosaic software in a preconfigured format allowing simple, efficient startup. SampleBank users can now rapidly organize all their samples into a centralized, traceable resource. SampleBank's inventory tracking, workflow, and order-management functionality promotes quality-assured data gained from efficient manual or automated processes. Customers will benefit from Titian's integration with an extensive library of laboratory automation used in sample management workflows.

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