An integrated route to frequency combs

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Science  26 Aug 2016:
Vol. 353, Issue 6302, pp. 883-884
DOI: 10.1126/science.353.6302.883-b

A frequency comb is a light source that provides a spectrum of precisely spaced wavelengths, the range of which can sometimes span over an octave. Such a light source can find a broad range of applications in spectroscopy, sensing, metrology, and communication. There are considerable efforts under way to generate such combs “on chip” by using microresonator cavities, thus providing the possibility of an integrated optics approach whereby the technology can be shrunk. Pu et al. report one such approach based on an AlGaAs-on-insulator platform. With the AlGaAs platform well developed in terms of processing and the material's optical properties well understood, the demonstration of such an approach could prove useful for the widespread commercialization of frequency comb technology.

Optica 3, 823 (2016).

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