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Science  26 Aug 2016:
Vol. 353, Issue 6302, pp. 937
DOI: 10.1126/science.353.6302.937

Milling Platform

The Fitzpatrick Company and Quadro Engineering Corp. have launched the Scalable Lab System (SLS), the latest incarnation of their lab-scale L1A FitzMill and U5 Comil combination package.The SLS includes five material processing and milling solutions: Fitzpatrick's FitzMill L1A Comminutor, and Quadro's U5 and U5 High Efficiency Comil, FlexSift S5, and H5 High Energy API Comil. Operators can alternate between multiple milling solutions in minutes, due to its innovative tri-clamp design. The equipment's head interchangeability makes it suitable for milling and/or wet material conditioning, as a stand-alone, or to complement lab-scale wet granulation systems. It enables operators to process samples as small as 5 g with minimal loss or product retention, and can achieve >50 kg/hr milling for certain products.The SLS utilizes "smart-detect"—a feature that automatically ensures the appropriate speed range is fixed by recognizing the head being installed—to ensure that scalability to production machines is maintained.

pH Electrodes

YSI showcases a strong set of pH measuring options for the lab. The IoLineelectrodes host a unique iodine/iodide reference system with a patented three-chamber reservoir system. IoLine electrodes offer unbeatable stability, fast response times, and high accuracy at a higher speed compared to traditional silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCI) reference systems. They have a 100% metal-ion-free reference system, and are ideal for Tris buffer solutions in complex biotech applications such as immunoassays. YSI TruLine Ion Selective Electrodes offer 15 refillable electrodes for 16 different parameters. Each electrode comes supplied with reference fill solution, an ionic strength adjustor, and a bottle of calibration standard, so the electrode can be used right away. Backed by a three-year warranty, TruLab and MultiLab meters are easy to use and come in single, dual, or triple channels. The MultiLab meters are available with Intelligent Digital Sensor technology, internal memory, and an optional built-in printer.

In-Vacuum Amplifier

The McPherson 671MX amplifier is a high-vacuum compatible, current-to-voltage converting amplifier developed specifically for use with vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) silicon photodiodes. With its integral socketed photodiode mount, the combination detector/amplifier hybrid can be used to measure small photogenerated currents with resolutions of 10 femptoampheres and dynamic ranges of four orders of magnitude. The 671MX consists of a very low-noise operation amplifier with a selectable feedback resistor. The feedback resistor is also socketed and may be changed to match the gain and dynamic range requirements of any experiment. McPherson VUV series photodiodes are used for the detection of UV, extreme UV, and X-ray (wavelength range 1,100 nm to .124 nm, energy range 1.13 eV to 1 keV) photons. All components are low tolerance, resulting in consistent current-to-voltage transfer characteristics with minimal offset voltage. It is sold without the photodiode and ±15-V power supply required for operation.

Comet Assay Microplate

The new 96-well CometChip System enables reproducible and sensitive measurements of DNA damage in human cells and provides the necessary throughput for genotoxicity testing, drug development, epidemiological studies, and clinical assays. Instead of being randomly dispersed in agarose on a glass slide as in the traditional Comet Assay, cells in the CometChip are captured on an array of agarose microwells. Each well of the CometChip contains approximately 400 microwells of 30-micron diameter, displayed in a defined pattern and depth that causes the captured test cells to reside in a single plane. A single 96-well CometChip can produce 20,000 data points per chip, based on an average of 208 cells imaged per well. With a capacity for three CometChips per run, the output for just two runs per day is 120,000 data points. The Comet Analysis Software can analyze data from these 120,000 cells and generate a report in under 20 minutes.

PTR-MS Autosampler

The real-time measuring capability of a proton transfer reaction-mass spectrometry (PTR-MS) trace gas analyzer is ideally suited for continuous volatile organic compound (VOC) monitoring, but also for rapid analysis of discrete samples within seconds. The new IONICON autosampler for PTR-MS enables automated screening of hundreds of sample vials. It can be loaded with multiple sample trays carrying up to 270 vials (20 mL) simultaneously, for liquid, solid, or gas samples. The benchtop autosampler allows for static and dynamic headspace measurements. A custom-made software controls the sampling process as well as the PTR-MS measurement for integrated and consistent data. Several preprogrammed sample treatment and analysis protocols can be further optimized for specific applications. This fully integrated, high-throughput system for VOC headspace analysis drastically reduces processing costs for larger batches of samples and provides high-quality data.

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