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Science  16 Sep 2016:
Vol. 353, Issue 6305, pp. 1188-1190
DOI: 10.1126/science.353.6305.1188

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In science news around the world, a survey of citizens of 66 countries reveals that the French are the least confident in the safety of vaccines, a U.S. National Institutes of Health workshop on the ethics of nonhuman primate research draws both cheers and boos, critics worry that a planned new Nobel Center in Stockholm will ruin the city's skyline, global supplies of the vital medical research isotope molybdenum-99 may soon dwindle, a Chinese Nobel laureate and particle physicist comes out strongly against the country's plans to build a giant new supercollider, and more. Also, Science discusses artificial intelligence and the possibility of seeding alien worlds with life with theoretical physicist Claudius Gros. And U.S. presidential candidates respond to 20 questions about science issues posed by