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Science  30 Sep 2016:
Vol. 353, Issue 6307, pp. 1561
DOI: 10.1126/science.353.6307.1561

Cell Culture Analyzer

BioProfile FLEX 2's innovative design provides comprehensive analysis of 16 key cell culture chemistries including glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium, sodium, potassium, calcium, pH, pCO2, pO2, osmolality by freezing point depression, total and viable cell density, and viability by trypan blue dye exclusion method. The full panel of tests can be run in under 4 minutes with just 265 µL of sample, and users can select from manual sampling or two modes for batch sampling: 96-well plates or the built-in 24-position tray. BioProfile FLEX 2's maintenance-free technology comprises two credit card-sized MicroSensor cards, each with a minimum 14-day use life and capacity for more than 500 samples. BioProfile FLEX 2's reagent cartridges combined with maintenance-free MicroSensor Card technology reduce maintenance to just minutes per week. BioProfile FLEX 2 will help to meet the sizable need for automated cell culture analysis for small-volume culture systems like the Sartorius ambr microbioreactor systems.

Microbial Protein Kit

The NoviPure Microbial Protein Kit is designed to isolate total cellular proteins from microbial cultures in a quick and user-friendly spin filter format. An optimized bead-beating method enables efficient lysis and solubilization of total proteins from a large diversity of microbial species including fungi and gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. The use of silica spin filters to achieve reversible immobilization of protein—a patent-pending technical advance in protein extraction—greatly simplifies the isolation process by removing traditionally cumbersome, bias-inducing precipitation steps. Isolated proteins are suitable for many downstream applications such as 1D and 2D sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS PAGE) as well as mass spectrometry. The novel spin filter-based method enables protein extraction in just 22 minutes without the need for precipitation.

Laboratory Blender

With proven reliability and durability over 40 years, Seward Stomacher blenders are used to prepare over 8 million food samples in more than 150 countries. The new Seward Stomacher 400 EVO combines these gold-standard attributes with improved features that make it even easier to use, easier to clean, and quieter than previous models. The unique, one-touch bag-loading system means that operators just need to place the bag in the loading slot and push the start button, which seals the bag so blending can begin. The Seward Stomacher 400 EVO's rubber base, combined with a host of design and engineering developments, eliminates bench movements and ensures almost silent operation, which reduces stress and disruptions to other lab work. A removable drip tray means that spillages can be quickly cleaned, and for thorough cleaning, the paddle chamber can be easily opened and the paddles removed, making the entire chamber accessible.

Cell-Free DNA Isolation from Urine

The NextPrep-Mag Urine Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) Isolation Kit is an automation-friendly kit designed to extract cell-free DNA from urine using a magnetic bead format. The rapid procedure can be completed in only 30 minutes and does not require a vacuum manifold. Using the kit, sufficient cfDNA is recovered from urine sample volume—ranging from less than 1 mL to more than 20 mL—to allow robust construction of libraries for targeted- or whole-genome sequencing. The cfDNA isolated with this kit can be used for applications including circulating fetal DNA studies and cancer diagnostic-related liquid biopsy studies.

Biomarker Assays

Aushon BioSystems introduces new Ciraplex ULTRA Ultrasensitive Assays, combining the power of multiplexing with ultrasensitivity, in conjunction with Pacific Biomarkers' Comparative Platform Study. Featuring femtogram/mL levels of detection, these assays address multiple biomarkers in a wide range of therapeutic areas. They offer enhanced sensitivity and an extended dynamic range providing quantification below standard detection limits. This new high-performing assay product line yields consistent discrimination at the lower levels of detection required for clinical studies and patient stratification. In addition, intuitive Cira software streamlines the data management process, offering exceptional data control. Through its unique combination of proprietary microarray printing, extensive biomarker content, and ease of use, the Cira immunoassay platform is serving leading pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and clinical reference laboratories worldwide. Ciraplex assays are used for applications in preclinical and clinical biomarker research, accelerating the evaluation of potential drug candidates and advancing the use of biomarker profiles in diagnostics.

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