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Science  14 Oct 2016:
Vol. 354, Issue 6309, pp. 241
DOI: 10.1126/science.354.6309.241

SPR System

Biacore 8K is the new eight-needle, high-sensitivity surface plasmon resonance system from GE Healthcare Life Sciences. It offers Biacore's high-quality kinetics and affinity data at a speed that shortens time to results by up to eightfold compared to single-needle systems. Its flexibility facilitates the analysis of small fragments as well as multidomain proteins, and it can also tackle new drug formats such as bispecific antibodies. Biacore 8K's sensitivity and stability generate high-quality binding data for small molecules binding to complex targets such as G-protein-coupled receptors, and provide an alternative to traditional immunoassays such as ELISAs. Its eight needles allow analysis of up to 2,300 small-molecule fragments per day, and the novel 2D kinetics methodology delivers full kinetic characterization data within 35 minutes, without the need for extensive assay development. Affinity and kinetic ranking enables rapid selection of biotherapeutic or small-molecule hits, while detailed kinetic and affinity data help characterize and optimize selected binders.

DVS Analyzers

IGAsorp dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) analyzers from Hiden Isochema allow control of relative humidity (RH) at values up to 10 times lower than possible with traditional DVS analyzer methods. Climate-XT mode applies independent, intelligent control algorithms to the sample and humidifier thermostats to allow humidity setpoints below 0.2% RH. The analyzer's HIsorp software determines and applies the humidifier temperature(s) required to attain the full range of isotherm points as entered by the user. The process is fully automated, and the full kinetic data is recorded and analyzed along with the equilibrium data. Hiden's Climate-XT mode uniquely allows fully automated access to the complete range of humidity values up to 98% RH, with direct measurement of both humidity and temperature at the sample position. For a sample temperature of 50°C, humidity may be controlled as standard down to 0.1% RH, and further options are available for optimized temperature and humidity requirements.

Real-Time Intracellular Oxygen Assay

MitoXpress Intra is a powerful new tool that facilitates real-time assessment of transient changes in cell respiration, oxygen gradients, and physiological responses across a range of cell models. Specifically, it simplifies the measurement of cellular oxygenation—a critical parameter across many fields of research including hypoxia and cancer metabolism. Traditionally, intracellular measurements have proven very difficult, requiring the use of invasive, laborious, low-throughput, technically challenging techniques. Using the MitoXpress Intra probe, researchers can monitor molecular oxygen in real time within the cell monolayer on a plate reader in a noninvasive, rapid manner. The assay is optimized for use on standard 96-/384-well plates and time-resolved fluorescence plate readers, enabling high-throughput analysis of multiple samples in parallel. Data produced is complementary to other intracellular parameters, such as reactive oxidative species and mitochondrial membrane potential.

Organoid Resource Lab

Trevigen is pleased to announce the opening of the Organoid Resource Laboratory (ORL) at its Gaithersburg, Maryland, location. The purpose of the ORL is to provide the research community with the matrices, reagents, growth factors, organoid progenitor cells, protocols, and technical support needed to promote the establishment of organoid cultures. Researchers have devised means to propagate 3D cultures, which most closely mimic the physiological response patterns of the tissue of origin. The ultimate form of 3D culture is the organoid, which is cultured from progenitor stem cells taken from a fresh target organ. The cells never come in direct contact with glass or plastic labware and under stringent, prescribed conditions, can be cultured to become mini-organs that closely resemble the original source organ and exhibit the proper physiological response patterns. Trevigen now offers highly qualified organoid culture products, along with protocols for use and technical services support, to assist the adoption of organoid cultures by both new and experienced labs alike.

Autophagy Detection Kit

CYTO-ID Autophagy Detection Kit 2.0 measures and labels autophagic vacuoles and monitors autophagic flux in lysosomally inhibited live cells using a novel dye. The dye has been optimized through the identification of titratable functional moieties that allow for minimal staining of lysosomes while exhibiting bright fluorescence upon incorporation into pre-autophagosomes, autophagosomes, and autolysosomes (autophagolysosomes). As such, the dye ensures a low background while guaranteeing specific staining. The assay offers a rapid, quantitative approach to monitoring autophagy in live cells without the need for cell transfection.

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