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Science  16 Dec 2016:
Vol. 354, Issue 6318, pp. 1445
DOI: 10.1126/science.354.6318.1445-a

Gel Imaging System

The Omega Fluor is a powerful yet simple tool for gel documentation and for generating publication-quality, 16-bit images. The Omega Fluor comes completely assembled for a quick startup. It includes Omega Fluor Acquisition software, which is fully Windows compatible; a clean user interface; simple tools for annotation and contrast adjustments; and a 302-nm UV transilluminator on a pull-out tray. Samples can be viewed directly through the UV-protected viewport, which includes an orange filter for improved visual contrast. The cabinet also includes an Epi white light. The camera in this system boasts a 5-megapixel resolution, which puts the Omega Fluor on a par with systems from a much higher price bracket for image quality. Users can choose UV or white light across a large range of commonly used dyes. The Omega Fluor accommodates large-format protein and nucleotide gels and has a large imaging area of 24 cm × 20 cm.

Gas Chromatography System

Researchers in the fields of food safety, ecology, industry, forensics, and anti-doping can now expand their analytical capabilities using a system designed to enable powerful qualitative and quantitative analysis for GC-MS applications. The Exactive GC Orbitrap GC-MS system delivers sensitive, routine-grade performance for both targeted and nontargeted analysis, along with powerful quantitation. The system offers the quantitative power of a GC triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, combined with the unique advantages of Orbitrap's high-resolution, accurate mass technology, and features new options for routine laboratories to advance their workflows. When using Thermo Scientific TraceFinder software and mass spectral libraries, researchers can benefit from intelligent data-processing workflows for analyte screening and quantitation. Also new, the Orbitrap GC-MS Contaminants Library features more than 700 compounds significant to food and environmental analysis, and allows users to perform target quantitation, target screening, and nontarget screening workflows.

Air Condenser

In two independent reports, the Asynt CondenSyn waterless air condenser displayed performance comparable to even the most efficient water-driven condensers, and outperformed the alternative designs tested. For low-boiling solvents such as dichloromethane, the CondenSyn was seen to work better than the water-driven condensers. Given the advantages of the CondenSyn, such as eliminating water consumption, taking up less work space, and facilitating setup and cleanup of reactions, both reports conclude that it is the optimal choice for an air condenser. In addition, by combining the CondenSyn with a heating block system, reflux setups can be prepared quickly and easily with no chance of water or oil spillages.

Water Purification System

The Elix High-Throughput water purification system provides laboratories with a reliable water purification solution for daily water volumes of up to 9,000 L. It offers full connectivity, providing authorized users real-time remote monitoring—via computer, tablet, or smartphone—with access to all important water-quality data. The system combines MilliporeSigma's Elix electrodeionization technology with advanced purification, including Progard pretreatment cartridges, reverse osmosis, and bactericidal UV lamp treatment. New models include MilliporeSigma's E.R.A. (Evolutive Reject Adjustment) technology, which automatically optimizes water recovery and reduces water usage costs by taking feedwater quality into account. The system can also be linked to a laboratory information management system or building management system for enhanced efficiency and productivity. A large color touchscreen features storage level and dispensing information, water production, and the status of system consumables, including step-by-step instructions from a system wizard for effortless replacement.


The Genevac Rocket Synergy evaporator enhances chiral separation protocols. Recently there has been considerable interest in the synthesis and separation of enantiomers of organic compounds, especially because of their growing importance in the natural products, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. The chiral analytes of interest are typically separated in large volumes of solvent. Concentration or drying of these large solvent volumes using a rotary evaporator is time-consuming and may risk thermal degradation of valuable separated chiral products. Rocket Synergy evaporator achieves fast evaporation with precise temperature control, thereby accelerating the safe production of chiral separation samples. Fitted with a six-place rotor, the evaporator can dry or concentrate up to six 400-mL flasks or six 18-mL × 50-mL tubes simultaneously. Replace the flask rotor with a 5-L stainless-steel bowl rotor, and batch volumes of up to 5 L can be evaporated in a single run.

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