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Science  06 Jan 2017:
Vol. 355, Issue 6320, pp. 96
DOI: 10.1126/science.355.6320.96

Dioxin Analysis

DEXTech Plus is a new, automated sample-preparation system for dioxin and polychlorinated biphenyl analysis. Processing time is reduced to only 35 minutes, depending on whether the sample requires conditioning and fractionation. This rate allows processing of up to 3,500 samples per year with only one system. Using four systems in parallel achieves a sample throughput of up to 14,000 samples per year, providing a perfect solution for high-throughput laboratories as well. DEXTech Plus can be equipped with different ready-to-use columns depending on the analyzed matrix or the requested fractions. The columns click into the system in seconds, without any tools and screw connections. The method setup is done via touchscreen. Various safety features such as the leakage sensor, overpressure control, and waste-level sensor ensure user safety. There is also an integrated USB port for reporting and documentation, which is compliant with EPA-approved methods and European regulations.

UHPLC Size-Exclusion Column

The Yarra 1.8-µm SEC-X300 is a high-resolution gel filtration (GFC)/aqueous size-exclusion (SEC) column for the separation of high molecular weight (HMW) biomolecules on HPLC and UHPLC systems. With a wide separation range of 10 KDa to 700 KDa and high efficiency, SEC-X300 is ideal for separating and characterizing monoclonal antibody aggregates, antibody drug conjugates, and biosimilars in drug discovery and development research. The HMW focus of the SEC-X300 complements the low molecular weight range (1 KDa–450 KDa) of the Yarra 1.8-µm SEC-X150 column, so users now have two versatile separation tools for biopharmaceutical research. The proprietary Yarra surface chemistry, combined with bioinert column hardware, reduces sample adsorption compared to other GFC/SEC columns currently on the market, providing improved recovery and more accurate quantitation of biomolecules at a lower price point. The SEC-X150 and SEC-X300 media are both now available in 150-mm and 300-mm column lengths, to further analytical flexibility, to increase speed, or to improve resolution.

BICD2 Biomarker

Inova Diagnostics has added the novel autoantigen BICD2 to its portfolio of connective-tissue disease reagents in order to improve the diagnosis of systemic sclerosis (SSc), a rare and highly heterogeneous autoimmune disease that can manifest as progressive fibrosis of the skin and internal organs. The autoantigen was discovered by and licensed from Protagen using its SeroTag technology. Autoantibodies, which are present in more than 95% of SSc patients, have been associated with organ involvement and disease outcome, and are essential tools for clinical management of SSc. Beyond the classical markers such as anticentromere antibodies and anti-Scl70 antibodies, anti-BICD2 antibodies are found in approx-imately 30% of SSc patients.

Microscope Stage

Delivering precise motorized movement with a step resolution of 0.01 µm, superb repeatability (0.7 µm), and a large travel range (114 mm × 75 mm), the compact Prior Scientific H101A ProScan motorized stage is adaptable to virtually any upright/stereo microscope or optical system. The H101A stage enables researchers to increase efficiency by automatically scanning specimens and storing points for later recollection and inspection with unmatched repeatability. It is ideal for scanning or inspection of slides, microwell plates, semiconductor wafers, or metallurgical specimens in any sort of pattern, including raster, snake, and random patterns. Optional encoders are available to further enhance the accuracy of the H101A. An expanding selection of compatible sample holders—including devices suitable for Petri dishes, standard slides, and microplates—further increases the stage's versatility, making it an ideal choice for many applications demanding precise, controlled, and automated movement.

Fluorimetry Cuvettes

BrandTech's new disposable macro cuvettes with four optically clear sides are suitable for use in fluorescence applications. The cuvettes are available in high-quality polystyrene for measurements from 340 nm to 800 nm, as well as a proprietary polymer with ultralow autofluorescence for precise measurements in both the visible and UV range (230 nm–800 nm)—shorter excitation wavelengths than traditionally possible with disposable cuvettes. Cuvettes have a standard 10-mm light path for use in all standard fluorimeters. Packaging is 100 per tray; trays are made of low-dust, nonscratching polystyrene and are grouped by manufacturing mold cavity to ensure the lowest variation in extinction coefficient. Cuvette caps (available in four colors for easy sample identification) and polypropylene racks with 16 numbered positions are also available.

Water Quality Monitors

The ALGAE-Wader and ALGAE-Wader Pro systems provide real-time display of key chlorophyll parameters necessary for water quality monitoring. Data are collected using miniaturized LUX submersible sensors and are displayed on the Hawk handheld display and logging unit. Fluorometer sensors are optimized to provide low noise results. Warning alarms, sampling rates, and the sensor dynamic range are user adjustable. Hawk is designed for users needing to carry out spot-check measurements and wanting to save data for analysis at a later date. The touchscreen allows the user to select parameters for viewing in graphical form and to log data when necessary. The ALGAE-Wader features a UniLux chlorophyll-a fluorometer, a 5-m cable (longer cables are available), and the Hawk portable display, logger, and power unit. The ALGAE-Wader Pro features a TriLux fluorometer, a 5-m cable (longer cables are available), and the Hawk handheld display and logging unit.

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