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Science  16 Jun 2017:
Vol. 356, Issue 6343, pp. 1197
DOI: 10.1126/science.356.6343.1197

Tube Capper

The Capper from Gel Company enables you to tighten or untighten caps without putting your pipette down and without causing fatigue. This ergonomically designed device offers the ideal solution to repetitive-use injuries and reduces the probability of cross-contamination by dirty gloves, as the caps are never touched in the process. Using a simple toggle feature, you simply select your tube, uncap it, pull your sample, retighten the cap, and move to the next sample. High-throughput assays become more efficient and less of a strain on the hand. Enjoy the convenience of a flip-cap tube with the security of a screw cap. The Capper is able to work with caps sized for 1.5-mL to 50-mL conical tubes. Its small footprint enables it to fit neatly on your benchtop, within the fume or biosafety hood, or at the PCR clean station.

Petri Dish Media Filler

Compact in design, Integra's Mediajet offers the unique flexibility to fill Petri dishes of various sizes, Petri dishes with two compartments, or test tubes of various diameters and lengths. The surface of the Mediajet filling chamber is manufactured from a single piece of chemically resistant polyethylene, enabling efficient cleaning. Mediajet is also equipped with a UV lamp extending the full length of the rotor, where dishes/tubes are opened during the filling process. The lamp emits powerful, 2.1-W UVC radiation to ensure complete elimination of bacterial activity in areas most vulnerable to contamination. All Mediajet systems have a built-in Agar Spread Function that ensures homogenous distribution and an even surface on your media. The optical dish sensors of Mediajet can be easily adjusted to virtually every Petri dish brand at the user interface level.

Mesoscale Segmented Flow Reactor

To enable small-scale production of micrometer- to centimeter-sized crystals without the need for kilograms of starting material, the University of Bath has cooperated with Asynt to develop a new liquid-segmented mesoscale tubular reactor, which can run for 5 hours without fouling issues and provides instant recovery of solids. The system's modular nature, range of possible configurations, and independent control over feed solutions result in a highly versatile platform. This apparatus can perform a wide range of crystallizations or reactions with a high degree of kinetic control. Its use of liquid-segmented flow enables plug flow to be generated, and reduces encrustation while offering a sterile environment where primary nucleation can occur free of external stimuli. Its small scale makes it ideal for research laboratories and the production of high-value and rare chemicals.

Sample Evaporator

Proprietary Dri-Pure sample protection technology—standard on Series 3 HT, EZ-2, and Rocket Synergy evaporators—enables scientists to rapidly dry their samples without foaming, cross-contamination, thermal damage, or sample loss due to solvent bumping. Foaming can be an issue in evaporating large solvent volumes, especially when working with natural product extracts. Dri-Pure has been shown to eliminate the user intervention often required when evaporating problematic samples using a rotary system. This unique technology works by reducing pressure in the evaporation chamber while increasing rotor speed to achieve greater g-force, and by carefully controlling heat flow to the sample during the pressure-ramping stage. Dri-Pure works automatically, allowing controlled, "sample-safe" solvent removal in minimum time. Combining Dri-Pure with their auto-stop-when-dry capability, Genevac evaporators offer truly unattended evaporation, giving scientists the confidence that their samples will be dried without difficulty.

Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation

The MY-ISO5 vertical laminar flow workstation furnishes laboratory technicians with a "personal cleanroom" for use when handling or manipulating critical materials. It provides an ultraclean working environment and comes in standard widths of 32 in. and 48 in. For applications or apparatus with added height requirements, it is available in a taller version ideal for enclosing encapsulation machines used in compounding pharmacy applications. The MY-ISO5 is easy to operate, and unlike other workstations, has a full-closure sash that can be sealed when not in use, eliminating the threat of airborne contaminates entering the work area. The sash is equipped with a position indicator switch that automatically turns the workstation's blower and fluorescent light on when raised. A white polypropylene surface makes disinfection and cleaning easy.

Automated Low-Capacity Biobanking

SAM HD is the reliable, walkaway solution for labs seeking to transition from manual to automated sample storage. The system can process samples throughout the day or outside of typical work hours to maximize productivity. Models are available for storing samples at +4°C, −20°C, −40°C, and −80°C, with capacity up to 60,000 tubes in standard racks, or 86,250 tubes using our exclusive Society for Biomolecular Screening–compliant, high-density RackWare racks. SAM HD is easily programmed, including chain-of-custody permissions, via a user-friendly touchscreen PC monitor with INSTINCT S software. Up to six different tubes with the same diameter may be stored together to accommodate varying workflows while maintaining secure documentation and tracking. A high-quality camera provides a wide field of view to save time during picking. SAM HD is ideal for automated sample storage in biobanking, forensics, drug discovery, life science, pharmacogenomics, and more.

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