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Science  23 Jun 2017:
Vol. 356, Issue 6344, pp. 1298
DOI: 10.1126/science.356.6344.1298-a

Benchtop Stability Analyzer

The Turbiscan range of stability analyzers measures the aging and shelf life of emulsions, suspensions, dispersions, and foams—essential factors in R&D and quality control across such processes and industries as inkjet development, cosmetics, and soft drink production. It includes the Turbiscan TLAb, a compact benchtop model with temperature regulation, which is perfect for detecting all kinds of destabilization, including coalescence, flocculation, creaming, and sedimentation. TLAb is available in three versions and is designed to operate on sample concentrations up to 60% volume/volume and particle sizes from 0.1 µm to 10 mm. An integral reading head acquires backscattering data every 40 µm while moving up the 55-mm sample height, which means that the whole test sample is analyzed—top, middle, and bottom. An integral barcode reader allows the software to identify individual samples, and thermoregulation enables measurements at controlled temperatures from +5ºC above ambient to +60ºC.

Herbarium Specimen Digitization System

To significantly solve digitization inefficiency common to global herbaria museums, Microtek launches a workstation consisting of the ObjectScan 1600 scanner, ScanWizard_Botany software, and the MiVapp_Botany archive management system. This integrated workstation is characterized by: (1) On-top scan design for full-frame focus, (2) 1,600 dpi (equal to 1 gigabyte pixels) color CCD, (3) optical character recognition for specimen label and 1D barcode, and (4) image archive and privileged-account cloud management system. Both software and management system provide intuitive interface for non-IT herbarium curators and botanists, especially for inexperienced herbarium volunteers. The database structure follows JSTOR principles in order to maximize the file-exchange convenience between herbaria. Further, MiVapp_Botany can unite global academic efforts to speed up verification rates on image quality and metadata by offering remote log-in entry services. Under ideal setup, this workstation can digitize 500,000–800,000 specimens per year at a cost of less than US$5 for each specimen.

Travel Stage

Applied Scientific Instrumentation has designed the DMi-2500 Stage to fit the Leica DMi8 and DMI6000. The stage has a low-profile, flat-top design with 250 mm of X-axis travel and 110 mm of Y-axis travel (microscope limited), and accepts either 160 mm × 110 mm or 283 mm × 110 mm stage inserts. The DMi-2500 has high resolution, high repeatability, and precise motion. Because it is equipped with closed-loop DC servomotors employing high-resolution rotary encoders for positioning feedback, the stage can improve repeatability to less than 300 nm (typical), compared to the standard rotary encoder's 200-nm (typical) repeatability rating.


With the Viva 2-Steps RT-PCR Kit, you can directly transform complementary DNA (cDNA) from RNA and perform downstream PCR with no frustration. The kit includes all necessary components and is optimized for real-time PCR. It is specially designed to provide reliable synthesis of full-length cDNA and convenient application of cDNA in PCR. Moloney murine leukemia virus (M-MuLV) reverse-transcriptase (RT) buffer—provided with the kit—synthesizes a cDNA strand initiating from a specific primer, oligo(dT) primer, or random hexamer. The absence of ribonuclease H enhances the synthesis of long cDNA, as the RNA strand does not get degraded in a DNA–RNA hybrid during first-strand cDNA synthesis. With a variety of options for standard PCR and long PCR, the kit provides flexibility in an easy-to-use format.

Illumination Platforms

Excelitas Technologies is expanding development of its popular X-Cite illuminators for streamlined original equipment manufacturer (OEM) integration in biomedical applications. The new X-Cite Vitae product family will help OEMs quickly develop more advanced products for improved analysis, surgical imaging, and diagnostics capabilities. Growing use of surgical visualization, the demand for better real-time point-of-care diagnostics, and system-wide health care cost controls all increase the necessity for more advanced and accurate instrumentation and illumination. As health care moves into more outpatient and home care settings, medical device developers are striving to miniaturize their products—a goal that is partly enabled by efficiently combining and delivering light to the sample of interest. The X-Cite product family gained popularity as an illuminator for fluorescence microscopy in life science research applications. Their LED lighting solutions will be used to assist not only fluorescence microscopy and surgical endoscopy, but also image-guided surgery, microfluidic analysis, blood analysis, and DNA sequencing.

Field-Flow Fractionation System

The Postnova AF2000 MultiFlow is a high-performance field-flow fractionation (FFF) platform for separation of proteins, macromolecules, and nanoparticles. Incorporating a range of FFF modules in a single integrated system to provide universal separation, the AF2000 offers more flexibility, better performance, and more robust results than any previous FFF system. The AF2000 Series platform is based on the Flow FFF principle, using a crossflow field as the driving force for the separation. The samples are separated by their dynamic diffusion on the basis of molar mass or particle size. AF2000 can be run with different eluents at various temperature conditions, and is able to employ numerous channel dimensions and principles, so it can be easily used for separation of a broad range of samples in applications including biopharmaceuticals, food-agro-cosmetics, ecology, chemistry, and nanotechnology.

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