Déjà vu for U.S. nuclear waste

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Science  30 Jun 2017:
Vol. 356, Issue 6345, pp. 1313
DOI: 10.1126/science.aao1711

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vol. 356 no. 6345 1313

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    1. Allison Macfarlane1,
    2. Rod Ewing2
    1. 1Allison Macfarlane is professor of Science Policy and International Affairs at George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs and director of the Institute for International Science and Technology Policy, Washington, DC, USA.
    2. 2Rod Ewing is the Frank Stanton Professor in Nuclear Security at the Center for International Security and Cooperation and a professor in Geological Sciences at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA.
    1. amacfarlane{at}gwu.edu
    2. rewing1{at}stanford.edu


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