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Science  11 Aug 2017:
Vol. 357, Issue 6351, pp. 613
DOI: 10.1126/science.357.6351.613

TXRF Spectrometer

The completely redesigned, next-generation NANOHUNTER II benchtop total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) spectrometer features a number of advancements, including a high-power, 600-W X-ray source, molybdenum excitation for improved sensitivity, a newly developed mirror (optic), and a large-area silicon drift detector. It enables high-sensitivity ultra-trace elemental analysis in both TXRF and grazing incidence X-ray fluorescence modes, in liquids or on solid surfaces, to the parts-per-billion level. The NANOHUNTER II benchtop spectrometer offers over an order of magnitude (12X) greater X-ray tube power, along with a high-precision goniometer. It also provides comprehensive trace element and materials characterization analysis capabilities to a broad range of research disciplines, including geology, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, materials science, and engineering.

Disposable Paper Spoons

EcoTensil Disposable Paper Sampling Spoons by Bel-Art–SP Scienceware are made of a coated paperboard that stands up to powders, gels, and semisolids. These spoons can be used as weigh boats, saving time and money by eliminating the need for glassine sheets. EcoTensil spoons lay flat when stored, and fold into a functional spoon for sampling and retrieving materials in one simple step, making them a great, space-saving addition to any laboratory or testing facility. They also use 50%–90% less material than comparable-volume plastic spoons. They are compostable and recyclable, helping laboratories go green in 2017.

Gel-Imaging System

NuGenius is a new-generation, low-cost, integrated system for DNA and protein analysis and gel documentation. It features an integrated, 7-in. touchscreen and a built-in processor running dedicated NuGenius software for image capture and editing. A 5-megapixel CCD camera gives exquisite pixel resolution and unrivaled sensitivity in its class. NuGenius uses an f1.2 motor-driven zoom lens to enable perfect imaging of any gel or blot size. The maximum viewing area is 20 cm x 24 cm, which is very large for such a small, compact unit. Internal lighting includes a UV transilluminator option for working with DNA gels. Our new UV–blue light converter screen allows imaging of all Safe dyes. A visible-light converter option can quickly extend its use for working with visible gels and blots. Overhead LED white lighting is included as standard for easy sample positioning and focusing.

Filter Sample Holders

Prior Scientific HH201 and HH201F filter sample holders are available for its H101A and flat-top H101F ProScan motorized microscope stages. These sample holders enable quick, efficient automated imaging and analysis of 47-mm diameter filters. They hold the filters securely, yet still leave a 45.5-mm diameter viewable, permitting analysis of almost the entire surface. Inspection of filters is critical in many industrial processes, such as the design and testing of engines, because it allows manufacturers to identify engine parts prone to wear by the metal particles caught on these filters. From both a regulatory and manufacturing perspective, accurate imaging of filter papers is thus essential. The new sample holders used on ProScan microscope stages and controlled by Prior's powerful ProScan III control system enable any filter analysis application to integrate into an automated imaging system, potentially offering considerable savings in time and money.

Affinity Resins

Amintra Affinity resins are part of a range of cost-effective chromatography resins designed for superior purification performance and customer satisfaction. These resins benefit from high binding capacity, and provide excellent specificity and resolution. They have outstanding durability and stability, are high-flow-rate compatible, and work with all types of chromatography. Amintra resins are available in prepacked columns (1 mL and 5 mL) and as a slurry. An example is the Amintra Ni-NTA resin, which is designed for simple, rapid histadine-tagged recombinant protein purification from a cell lysate under native or denaturing conditions.

Automated Sample Pretreatment System for LC-MS

Shimadzu's Clinical Laboratory Automation Module (CLAM-2000) is a fully integrated sample pretreatment module for LC-MS, and automatically completes all of the processes necessary for analyzing blood and other biological samples. Simply place blood-collection or other tubes in the sample rack, and the module performs everything from sample pretreatment to LC-MS analysis. Easy-to-access software that controls management of reagents, calibration curves, control samples, and system maintenance ensures optimum performance and reliability. Simple charts and figures alert users to decreasing reagent volumes or variable quality-control sample results. The system eliminates manual operations involving biological samples, such as dispensing, stirring, filtering, heating, and sample transfer. This both improves reproducibility of data and minimizes user contact with biohazardous material. CLAM-2000 helps achieve a high-precision workflow for clinical research that is safer, faster, and simpler than traditional methods.

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