Intelligent design endangers education

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Science  01 Sep 2017:
Vol. 357, Issue 6354, pp. 880
DOI: 10.1126/science.aao3245

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  • Intelligent Design can be misleading
    • Grzegorz Karwasz, Professor in Didactics of Physics, University Nicolaus Copernicus, Toruń, Poland

    Heslay Machado Silva (1) warned that in 13 USA states the Intelligent Project is taught instead of evolution. Similar “setbacks” happened in Brazil, Turkey, South Korea. So, the “international creationist movement” is not related to any specific continent or religion, but reflects drawbacks in scientific education and lack of a broader cultural perspective. In Poland, no-doubt versions of evolution are studied at biology faculties, and theologians (and teachers of religion in schools) usually glide over the evolution. This causes a strange bivalence: 95% of Polish teachers declare to be Christians, but only 6% of them use faith as a source of personal attitudes (2).

    “Movements” and science should search common, flexible borders. Modern physics, with quantum mechanics and its “paradoxes” is still subjected to metaphysics (3). Some old, theological disputes between Plato and Aristotle, on the beginning of the universe, are now shifted to physics (and solved). Some, like the cause of the chemical diversity of matter (the half-spin of electrons) are governed by “principles” (of Wolfgang Pauli).

    Fully reasoning Homo sapiens, man and woman (4), appeared suddenly some 120-200 thousand years ago in Africa, and soon decorated caves in France and Indonesia (5). But this message fertilizes school programs neither in anthropology nor in religion. More: Wikipedia, under “Mitochondrial Eve” (6) states that all humans share a common ancestor who lived 5,000 years ago, for...

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