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Science  08 Sep 2017:
Vol. 357, Issue 6355, pp. 1053
DOI: 10.1126/science.357.6355.1053

Heating and Cooling Block

The DrySyn SnowStorm ONE from Asynt is designed to provide reliable temperature control of exothermic reactions. It accommodates single-standard, round-bottomed reaction flasks from 50 mL to 1,000 mL. Interchange of reaction flasks is easy and takes just seconds, and does not disrupt the circulation fluid as is required when using expensive, jacketed reaction vessels. Operated with a suitable recirculating thermostat system, the SnowStorm ONE allows you to precisely set and control reaction temperature anywhere between –30°C and +160°C. The system's ability to precisely control a temperature ramp makes it of particular interest for polymorph studies. Optional insulation helps to improve performance and keep the apparatus ice-free when operating at subzero temperatures. Even overnight reactions can be performed. The SnowStorm ONE is offered with a choice of magnetic hotplate stirrer or an overhead stirrer when more viscous samples are encountered.

Paddle Blender

The ProBlend paddle blender is a unique, patented pendular blending system that delivers power up to 70 kg/hr per paddle. ProBlend guarantees excellent results with any type of matrix and automatically adjusts power delivered to the matrix. The system provides automatic closing of bags. It starts on closing and stops on opening. ProBlend takes up little lab space, is simple to use, and cleans easily—it features removable paddles, a built-in waste drawer for spillage collection, a stainless-steel chamber, smooth surfaces, and rounded corners.

Europium Conjugation Kit

Innova Biosciences' Europium Conjugation Kit significantly simplifies the conjugation of antibodies or proteins to 200-nm europium-chelate microspheres. The europium particles have a specially treated surface that covalently binds antibodies and proteins, generating stable conjugates that are resistant to aggregation. Unlike those in other available kits, these antibody-europium conjugates can be used in either an immunochromatographic lateral flow assay or a microwell-based assay. Europium conjugates provide a 15-fold higher sensitivity when compared with other particles commonly used in point-of-care diagnostics. However, europium beads are known for being difficult to handle. Innova Biosciences' new kit facilitates the generation of highly stable europium conjugates, often allowing 10- to 100-fold improved limits of detection compared with other common particles, without the need for complex conjugation procedures or extensive technical knowledge. Conjugates are ready to use in 35 minutes.

Fluorescence Illumination System

The Lumen 200 Fluorescence Illumination System from Prior Scientific offers a powerful, cost-effective alternative to traditional short-arc mercury vapor lamps and bulbs used in fluorescence microscopy. Mercury vapor lamps and bulbs have an operational lifetime rarely exceeding 200 hours and need time-consuming alignment procedures during installation. In addition, mercury vapor bulbs are susceptible to flickering, limiting their use in quantitative fluorescence microscopy. Using a metal-halide lamp rather than the more traditional high-pressure mercury or xenon burners, the Lumen 200 delivers 2,000 hours of stable output. It also incorporates a variable light-attenuation control to reduce the potential of bleaching and phototoxicity. Replacing the light source takes little time, thanks to its self-aligning design and to the liquid light guide, which homogenizes the light. The system works with most commercially available upright and inverted research microscopes.

High-Precision Astronomical Optics

Optical Surfaces is a leading designer and supplier of high-precision astronomical optics operating over the entire spectral range, from infrared to X-ray wavelengths. Astronomical optics is a branch of optics and photonics that uses light-controlling components for imaging celestial objects using, for instance, a telescope. Astronomical optics combines precisely machined lenses and mirrors to reduce any image distortion, and highly sensitive sensors to detect low levels of light. Benefiting from a unique production environment free from vibration and temperature variation, Optical Surfaces is able to produce large, ultrasmooth optics that deliver state-of-the-art performance. Over the last 50-plus years, we have designed, manufactured, and supplied leading research organizations around the world with high-precision aspheric optics, ultrasmooth mirrors, high-performance prisms, Schmidt cameras, and laser launch telescope optics that stretch the limits of conventional optical fabrication techniques.

PD-L1 Immunohistochemical Assay

PD-L1 IHC 22C3 pharmDx is a qualitative immunohistochemical assay using Monoclonal Mouse Anti-PD-L1, Clone 22C3. It is intended for the detection of programmed cell death-ligand (PD-L1) protein in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) tissue using Agilent's EnVision FLEX visualization system on the Autostainer Link 48. PD-L1 protein expression is determined by using the tumor proportion score (TPS), which is the percentage of viable tumor cells showing partial or complete membrane staining at any intensity. The specimen should be considered to have PD-L1 expression if TPS ≥ 1% and high PD-L1 expression if TPS ≥ 50%. PD-L1 IHC 22C3 pharmDx is indicated as an aid in identifying NSCLC patients for treatment with Keytruda (pembrolizumab). The kit includes reagents required for immunohistochemical staining (except wash buffer), control slides representing different expression levels of PD-L1, and detailed instructions. The materials provided are sufficient for 50 tests.

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