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Science  29 Sep 2017:
Vol. 357, Issue 6358, pp. 1425
DOI: 10.1126/science.357.6358.1425-a

PCR Tubes

Sarstedt has expanded its line of Multiply-µStrip PCR tubes to include a white option for quantitative PCR. The reflective white wells maximize fluorescent signal intensity, minimize crosstalk, and enable volume reduction of expensive reagents without compromising sensitivity or stability. The thin-walled strips of eight 0.2-mL white PCR tubes are compatible with most popular thermocycler heating blocks and 8-channel pipettes. High-purity tube strips are batch certified by an independent laboratory to be free of DNase, RNase, human and bacterial DNA, and PCR inhibitors. Flat, optically transparent lid chains are available separately.

cfDNA Kit

The Quick-cfDNA Serum & Plasma Kit provides rapid preparation of high-quality, circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from serum, plasma, amniotic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, and saliva. Chemical and enzymatic methods are used to recover total DNA (including cell-free apoptotic, necrotic, mitochondrial, and viral DNA) linearly from up to 10 mL of sample. Zymo-Spin technology allows for ultrapure DNA to be eluted in as little as 35 μL of water. The resulting DNA is suitable for all subsequent analyses and molecular manipulations, such as quantitative PCR, NGS, and DNA methylation. Circulating cfDNA in serum and plasma is composed primarily of cfDNA fragments derived from healthy cells; however, in cancer patients, circulating tumor DNA can be detected with a higher signal-to-noise ratio than can whole blood for noninvasive diagnostics. Therefore, cfDNA shed from circulating tumor cells is being investigated as a source of biomarkers for the early diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of cancer therapy.

Automated Colony Counting and Identification

Using its sensitive CCD camera and unique lighting coupled with powerful analysis software, Protos 3 counts colonies in seconds and automatically identifies microbial species by their color on chromogenic plates. The compact system attaches via USB cable to a computer, where microbiologists can input their plate identification and the count results can be automatically transferred to Excel. Protos 3 can be used with both small and large plates (up to 150 mm) to read a range of format types, including spiral, pour, spread, and dilution-series plates. The system's camera can routinely detect colonies as small as 43 μm, and the unique LED lighting system and Protos 3 software allow analysis of an infinite number of colonies on one plate in seconds, making this an ideal system for use in busy food and environmental microbiology laboratories.

Infrared Cameras

FLIR Systems has introduced four high-performance infrared cameras–the FLIR X6800sc, FLIR A8200sc, and FLIR X8500sc midwave infrared (MWIR) cameras, and the FLIR A6260sc shortwave infrared camera (SWIR)–providing the flexibility, fast frame rates, and high sensitivity required for the most demanding scientific research applications. Each of the four platforms blends the most desirable features of high-speed visible cameras, such as remote triggering and precise synchronization, with the most advanced thermal technology from FLIR, allowing researchers to generate accurate temperature readings. From capturing fast-moving objects for aerospace or ballistics testing, to characterizing rapid thermal transients in circuit boards or composite materials testing, these cameras deliver the thermal resolution, speed, and features researchers need to collect meaningful data. Whether it's faster frame rates at full resolution, improved data collection and transfer, or expanded user customization, these new platforms offer greater capabilities for those pursuing scientific breakthroughs.

Pipetting Modules 

Hamilton now offers a choice of intelligent pipetting modules: the well-known ZEUS and the new ZEUS LT OEM pipetting module. Each incorporates Hamilton's industry-leading pipetting technology, reducing the integrator's learning curve and getting instruments to market faster. Both are ideal for analytical instruments and clinical diagnostic systems, and ZEUS LT offers the option for integrators to custom design the z-axis. More than a simple pipette module, the ZEUS LT incorporates Hamilton's intelligent air-displacement pipetting technology, which includes Qualitative Pipette Monitoring (QPM) for monitoring clogged tips or foam aspiration, Anti-Droplet Control (ADC) for pipetting of volatile liquids, capacitive and pressure-based level detection, tip detection, and liquid-class definitions.

Ribonucleoprotein-Based Cpf1 CRISPR System

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) offers a complete ribonucleoprotein (RNP)-based Cpf1 CRISPR system. The Alt-R CRISPR-Cpf1 System inherits the optimized, efficient, and cost-effective traits of IDT's Cas9-based system while taking advantage of Cpf1's natural adenine-thymine–rich target sequence preference and ability to make staggered cuts. IDT also has CRISPR support tools to optimize the ease-of-use and performance of its Alt-R system, through options for fluorescent visualization, enhanced nuclease transfection, and genome editing detection. CRISPR is one of the most widely used tools for genome modification. The Alt-R System already overcomes the limitations of using single guide RNAs in the RNP complex by enhancing editing efficiency and lowering toxicity. The new system includes the Alt-R Acidaminococcus sp. (A.s.) Cpf1 nuclease, containing two integrated nuclear localization sites, which complexes as an RNP with a minimal 41–44 nucleotide Alt-R CRISPR-Cpf1 CRISPR RNA (crRNA). The system requires no transactivating crRNA, reducing potential reagent costs and experimental complexity.

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