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Science  27 Oct 2017:
Vol. 358, Issue 6362, pp. 539
DOI: 10.1126/science.358.6362.539-a

EMCCD Camera Platform

Andor Technology launched its ultrasensitive iXon Life Electron Multiplying Charge-Coupled Device (EMCCD) camera platform, exclusively for fluorescence microscopy. Available in 1024 x 1024 and 512 x 512 sensor formats, back-illuminated to deliver the highest and broadest quantum efficiency of any microscopy camera, and deep cooled down to –80°C for minimal dark current, iXon Life provides the ultimate detector technology for single-molecule biophysics and low-light live-cell microscopy in a distinctly budget-friendly platform. iXon Life uses the lowest possible excitation power while maintaining superb signal-to-noise ratio, thus minimizing phototoxic effects. The EMCCD remains the ultimate detector for single-molecule biophysics laboratories. Single-molecule experiments present researchers with the considerable challenge of harnessing a limited photon budget from dynamic, individual fluorescent molecules while also avoiding photobleaching. Andor iXon EMCCDs continue to radically outperform scientific complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (sCMOS) detectors in this most demanding of light-starved application areas. 

Oligo Purification System

Integrating solid-phase extraction (SPE) with all the capabilities of an automated liquid handler, the GX-Series ASPEC is Gilson's solution to the requirements for smaller, flexible, highly capable instruments that are cost-effective and simple to operate. The GX-271 Oligo Purification System is a single liquid-handling platform configured with automated preparative and analytical HPLC capabilities that can be used to isolate, analyze, and desalt reagent-grade oligonucleotides in one continuous run. Gilson SPE systems feature cutting-edge technology in a space-saving, modular design that can be customized to meet your exact specifications. The GX-271 is ready right out of the box and saves time by coming equipped with precapped cartridges. 

DNAse Kit

The TURBO DNA-free Kit contains reagents for the efficient, complete digestion of DNA along with the removal of the DNAse enzyme and divalent cations postdigestion. TURBO DNase is a recombinant, engineered form of deoxyribonuclease (DNase) I that is much more efficient than wild-type DNase I in removing trace amounts of unwanted DNA prior to reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR). TURBO DNase binds DNA substrates sixfold more tightly than traditional DNase I, making this enzyme the tool of choice for clearing residual DNA that can generate a false positive signal in RT-PCR applications. TURBO DNase now includes an enhancer that increases its effectiveness by two orders of magnitude. The kit includes a reagent to completely remove DNAse without phenol treatment or heating.

Automated Simultaneous Pipettor

The CyBio Well vario includes an automated base that accepts different interchangeable pipetting heads simultaneously. The heads can be changed quickly and easily either at the front or back of the instrument. The calibration is maintained after head exchanges. A working volume range of four orders of magnitude allows liquid transfers from 25 nL up to 250 µL on one platform, either with 96 or 384 disposable tips. The CyBio Well vario adapts into any screening environment and is compatible with all other accessories of the CyBio Well family. The innovative CyBio Composer Software supports the flexibility of the system and immediately detects the new head.

Automated Workstations

Biomek i-Series Automated Workstations have been designed to optimize dependability and walkaway time in mid- to high-throughput labs. The bright, multiple-color, pattern-coded status light bar alerts you to the instrument's current mode, even from across the room. Biomek's light curtain provides a key safety feature during operation and method development. An internal LED light illuminates the instrument deck for easy access and monitoring of your workspace status. The offset, rotating gripper optimizes access to high-density decks, enabling more efficient workflows. The large-volume, 1-mL multichannel pipetting head expedites sample transfers and facilitates more efficient mixing steps. Spacious, open-platform design permits access from all sides to allow for integration of adjacent-to-deck and off-deck processing elements (e.g., analytical devices, external storage/incubation units, and labware feeders). Onboard cameras allow live broadcast and on-error video capture to expedite response time and system diagnosis. Biomek i-Series software can interface with third-party software and all other Biomek support software.

Forensic Mitochondrial Analysis Software

GeneMarkerHTS is believed to be the first commercially available software developed exclusively for analysis of NGS mitochondrial sequencing, with applications including mass disaster and missing person identification, as well as clinical disease research and forensic anthropology. It provides a streamlined workflow for forensic and medical research mitochondrial DNA data analysis from NGS systems, such as the Illumina and Ion Torrent platforms, in an easy-to-use Windows operating system. The software aligns data to a reference and includes a unique "motif" alignment algorithm that automates the recommendations of the DNA Commission of the International Society for Forensic Genetics, for recognition and proper assignment of variants, motifs, and genomic insertions and deletions (INDELs) consistent with phylogenetic and forensic considerations. The software also features quick export to EMPOP (the European DNA Profiling Group's Mitochondrial DNA Population Database); user management functionality; audit trail capabilities; and synchronized comparison of multiple samples as well as customizable viewing and reporting to protect health information.

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