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Science  10 Nov 2017:
Vol. 358, Issue 6364, pp. 819
DOI: 10.1126/science.358.6364.819-a


The CellTram 4 Air is a pneumatic microinjector for gently holding cells or embryos in suspension. At the same time, it is suitable for the uptake and injection of cells (e.g., sperm or embryonic stem cells). Additional features of the CellTram 4 Air include the dual drive (coarse and fine), as well as the piston-position scale, which allows setting the injector's pressure characteristics according to personal preference. The CellTram 4 Oil features an oil-filling system that minimizes oil spills and saves time. Both models have been designed with excellent ergonomics, ease of use, and high precision in mind. They also feature a scaled capillary holder 4 for reproducible mounting, and a grip head 4 for easier capillary exchange and increased user safety. For customers working with transgenic organisms, a capillary holder 4 (slim shape) allows for injecting at angles <15°. Flat-angle injections can help minimize mechanical trauma, contributing to higher survival rates for injected cells.

Microwave Vials

Asynt has new inserts for its DrySyn heating blocks, now enabling scientists to conduct precise temperature-controlled, stirred experiments in 0.5 mL–2 mL tapered, 2 mL–5 mL, and 10 mL–20 mL microwave vials. Available as an option for the DrySyn Parallel Synthesis Kit, the microwave vial inserts allow researchers to heat and stir up to 27 small-scale reactions in parallel using any standard hotplate. The Parallel Synthesis Kit facilitates clean, safe synthesis without the hazards or problems associated with silicon oil baths or heating mantles. Durably constructed from chemically resistant, anodized aluminum, DrySyn heating blocks offer excellent heating performance to over 300°C and can heat a reaction 25% faster than is possible with an oil bath. 

High-Vacuum Spectrometer

The McPherson Model 207V is a 670-mm focal length, optically fast f/4.7 monochromator with a vacuum-tight housing. Stigmatic performance with off-axis parabolic optics is also available for this model. With stainless-steel housing capable of 10–6 torr vacuum, the 207V works unfettered over a very wide wavelength range, from 110 nm to 15 µm. Features include our Snap-In diffraction gratings, optimized for spectral resolution and/or for wavelength-range coverage. The 50-mm-wide focal plane is ideal for work with camera systems. Precise and durable slits are provided for coupling free-space or fiber-optic signals. The vacuum removes atmospheric constituents (gas or vapor) that absorb light wavelengths of interest in both spectral regions. The 207V is useful for applications in astrophysics, material, and life sciences.

Cancer Cell–Line Models

AMS Biotechnology has introduced a range of cancer cell–line models and culture media for the most difficult-to-culture tumor types for which no models may exist. Directly derived from patient tumors without any genetic manipulation, these products provide the assurance of primary cells with long-term reproducibility and scalability. Unlike traditional protocols for cell-line creation, these cancer models eliminate the possibility of large-scale cellular adaptation through culture and genetic drift. The models are stable and show a high level of correspondence to the original tumor genotype through 150 passages via single-nucleotide polymorphism analysis. They also exhibit predictable growth rates and stable proteomic expression, and are fully consented, fully documented, and subject to extensive quality control. Lot-specific growth-rate and protocol data are provided for every customer. 

Centrifugal Sample Concentrator Range

miVac is a modular range of centrifugal vacuum concentrators and freeze-driers capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates, and vials. Choose from the Duo Concentrator for low sample numbers or the Quattro Sample Concentrator for larger numbers. Combine with a Duo, Quattro, or Scroll vacuum pump, depending on the solvents being concentrated, and add further options, such as the unique SpeedTrap cold trap and vacuum controller. Unique solid aluminum JetRotors and built-in special methods optimize the concentration of water and water mixtures, improving performance and reducing time. The miVac SpeedTrap may also be used for freeze-drying low volumes of water, and can be operated as a standalone small volume freeze-drier, or configured as a combined concentration/freeze-drying workstation. 

Stem Cell Culture Medium

The AlphaSTEM Naive hPSC Medium uses a newly discovered, naturally occurring growth factor that is expressed in the earliest days of embryogenesis to fully support the naïve state in human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs). Naïve stem cells have several advantages over current stem cells, called "primed" state cells. Naïve stem cells do not yet have DNA methylation marks that commit the cells to certain developmental decisions. Additionally, naïve stem cells have a much higher cloning efficiency than primed state cells. Minerva's AlphaSTEM Culture System delivers stem cell expansion that is faster than other methods, scalable, and completely automatable, since it eliminates unwanted spontaneous differentiation while maintaining a normal karyotype. It also offers superior differentiation with improved yield, cell quality, and functionality.

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