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Science  08 Dec 2017:
Vol. 358, Issue 6368, pp. 1344
DOI: 10.1126/science.358.6368.1344-a

Chemokine Panel

Traditional research tools and assays allow scientists to investigate one protein at a time, but Bio-Rad's Bio-Plex Pro Mouse Chemokine Panel enables them to map out entire networks of protein biomarkers—up to 33 biologically relevant mouse chemokines and cytokines—in a single run from small amounts of sample. The magnetic bead-based immunoassay panel facilitates detection of more samples than any other available assay, allowing researchers to get the greatest possible amount of data from each run. Its superior sample detectability is due to increased sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio. For researchers using mouse models to study a variety of cancers, including lymphoma, melanoma, breast, and prostate cancers as well as autoimmune and infectious diseases, the panel facilitates a highly sensitive and high-throughput investigation of biomarkers associated with disease progression.

LncRNA PCR Array

Arraystar's nrStar Human Functional LncRNA PCR Array sensitively and accurately profiles a gold selection of 372 of the best-known, functionally characterized, experimentally studied, disease-associated long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs). Profiling instantly establishes biological or disease links with the lncRNAs along with the information about them. The panel can be used as a tool kit for screening and profiling of functional lncRNAs, or as an accurate quantification to validate functional lncRNAs in microarray or RNA-sequencing data. It features up to eight common housekeeping genes for flexible reference selection, and its analytical sensitivity and reported biomarker contents are ideal for biomarker studies. This fast and easy procedure takes under 4 hours to complete.

Tumor Growth Biomarker

Many biomarkers are available for estimating tumor mass, but a possibly more important aspect of a tumor's pathology is how aggressive it is and how fast it is growing. The AroCell TK 210 ELISA kit for thymidine kinase 1 (TK1) can aid in obtaining this valuable information from a simple serum sample. TK1 is a key enzyme in DNA replication and is upregulated in proliferating cells. Many studies have shown serum TK1 to be a valuable cancer biomarker, but most previous assays have been enzyme-activity based and may underestimate its presence in solid tumors. The TK 210 kit, based on unique monoclonal antibodies, solves this problem and offers new possibilities for studying tumor growth and response to therapy, particularly for solid tumors. It complements traditional tumor biomarkers and is applicable to many tumor models.

PDX Tumor Models

Horizon Discovery introduces four BRAF-resistant melanoma PDX (patient-derived xenograft) models to its range of commercially available in vivo models supporting drug efficacy studies. PDX models are created by implanting cancerous tissue from a human primary tumor directly into immunodeficient mouse or rat models, enabling acceleration of oncology research or drug discovery and development programs. PDX models may be used to support studies including preclinical drug screening, preclinical combination therapeutics screening, or identification and analysis of biomarkers. The BRAF-resistant melanoma models available from Horizon have been highly characterized, including comprehensive patient histories, sequencing analysis data, and protein expression data. Horizon has partnered with The Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to make available their large collection of highly characterized Melanoma PDX models to the research community; these models are representative of all previously well-described melanoma subtypes identified by The Cancer Genome Atlas.

LC/MS Columns

Waters' nano- and microflow LC/MS columns are specifically designed for low-dispersion nano LC systems. These columns are simple to install, reduce connection variability, and deliver superior chromatographic performance. The selected stationary phases fully leverage the separation power of sub-2-µm particle technology, delivering the efficiency and selectivity required for complex separations such as discovery of low-abundance species, peptide mapping, protein identification, and biomarker discovery. The nanoEase M/Z Columns and Trap Columns are preassembled with ZenFit Connectors. These easy-to-use, reuseable, fingertight connectors withstand 15,000 psi at 90°C, greatly simplifying the creation of critical nano- and microflow UPLC fluid connections. Using nanoEase M/Z Columns will greatly reduce flow-path induced variability in chromatographic results.

Gene Expression Profiling Service

Cellecta's Driver-Map service is a novel, comprehensive, end-to-end, whole-genome expression profiling solution intended for research applications. This quantitative, targeted, multiplexed approach leverages the power of next-generation sequencing and PCR technologies, and allows the researcher to obtain a molecular snapshot of the tumor microenvironment. Each of the multiplex PCR primers are functionally validated. Cellecta's unique multiplex primer design minimizes primer dimerization and cross-reactivity while maximizing specificity and efficacy. The service enables expression profiling of thousands of genes in one reaction. Low-abundance transcripts can be identified with zero background, facilitating biomarker discovery. The service also allows for characterization of all major immune cell types and detects infiltrating immune cells. Fully customizable panels with data analysis are available.

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