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Science  05 Jan 2018:
Vol. 359, Issue 6371, pp. 120
DOI: 10.1126/science.359.6371.120

Bottletop Dispensers

The Varispenser 2 and Varispenser 2x from Eppendorf are universally applicable bottletop dispensers. Bottletop dispensers are needed in any lab where aggressive solutions like lyes, acids, bases, or solvents are dispensed from large supply bottles. Thanks to the proven positive displacement principle, loss of residue is almost completely avoided. This technology, combined with the high chemical resistance of all components that might encounter aggressive liquids, allows the use of Varispenser 2 and Varispenser 2x with nearly all liquids commonly found in labs. Accessories including an easily assembled drying tube, a filter, and a flexible discharge tube enable a broad range of dispensing options. All devices are equipped with standard GL 45 threads and are compatible with almost all thread types used in labs, thanks to the additional adapters included in the scope of delivery. 

Filter Plugs

Universal Pipette Filter Plugs from iNLABTEC are designed to provide a final barrier to protect the internal components of your pipettes against contamination from accidental splashes during pipetting, foaming samples, or aerosolized vapors. As well as offering a cost-effective alternative to filter tips, the versatile and flexible foam design of iNLABTEC pipette filter plugs allows them to fit into any brand of pipette with a cone opening of 3 mm–4.5 mm. Plugs are autoclavable and come in 50 filters/sachet.


An optimized EZ-2 evaporator is available to suit your solvent removal needs for many applications. The EZ-Envi is created specifically for concentration of volatile solvents prior to analysis, the EZ-Standard for drying water and volatile solvents, the EZ-2 Plus for working with solvents with higher boiling points—up to 165°C—and the EZ-2 Elite for more difficult solutions such as dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), or fast freeze-drying. EZ-2 evaporators can be further modified for the most difficult and hazardous solvents, and a special model exists for those working with potentially explosive solvents such as diethyl ether. Each EZ-2 evaporator enables evaporation from sample container formats including round-bottom flasks up to 500 mL, tubes up to 150 mm long, vials, and custom reaction blocks as well as shallow and deep-well microplates. Running an EZ-2 evaporator is easier than running a rotary evaporator. Just load your samples, select maximum safe temperature for samples, select solvent type, and hit start. 

Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer

The TT-2500-VM Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer is a high-capacity vortex mixer designed to provide gentle to vigorous mixing of reagents at an adjustable speed of 500 rpm–2,500 rpm for up to 50 test tubes simultaneously. Packed with a range of features, the microprocessor-controlled unit has an easy-to-read LED display, a variety of available tube frames to hold different test tube sizes, and two built-in-operation modes that can be run by either short mixing or time mixing. The vortexing action is created by holding the top of the vessel securely in place and moving the bottom tray freely in a defined orbit. A DC brushless motor creates quiet, rattle-free mixing. The TT-2500-VM is ideal for use in high-throughput testing labs such as clinical, environmental, and chemistry labs. 

Volumetric Glassware

BrandTech is introducing a line of BLAUBRAND Class A, USP-certified volumetric glassware from Brand GmbH. The line includes clear and amber volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders, bulb pipettes, and volumetric pipettes. USP volumetric instruments comply with Class A error limits required by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). They make an excellent choice for companies that are audited by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or any other U.S. authority. BLAUBRAND is also well suited for companies that are not audited but demand high-quality glassware that meets Class A error limits. Volumetric instruments are individually calibrated on computer-controlled, automated production lines for maximum precision. High-quality inks combined with carefully controlled annealing processes provide durable graduations and long service life. Thermal stress in the glass blanks is eliminated prior to adjustment so there are no permanent volume changes after heating (up to 250°C).

Chilling/Heating Dry Bath

The two-position EchoTherm Model IC22 Digital Chilling/Heating Dry Bath can be used in chilling or heating biological samples from –10°C to 100°C. The unit is two dry baths in one, saving valuable bench space. It can run two separate or identical temperatures and two different sample blocks simultaneously. It has a built-in data logger, 30-day countdown timer with alarm, and RS232 interface, making it ideal for use with robotic systems. IC22 can be used with standard accessory sample blocks for 0.5-mL, 1.5-mL, and 2.0-mL centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes and plates, 96-well and 384-well assay plates of all kinds, vials, and most test tube sizes. Custom blocks are available on special order. IC22 is perfect for enzyme reactions and deactivations, hybridizations, ligations, storing enzymes or DNA libraries, maintaining 17°C for storing oocytes, storing samples at ice bucket temperatures, incubating samples at, above, or below room temperature, and much more.

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