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Science  02 Mar 2018:
Vol. 359, Issue 6379, pp. 1062
DOI: 10.1126/science.359.6379.1062

Chemiluminescence Imaging

The GeneGnome XRQ is dedicated to chemiluminescence imaging. This system is built for high performance and automation, and now features a next-generation, high quantum efficiency Syngene CCD camera for even greater sensitivity. It automatically selects the right imaging conditions for any Western blot, irrespective of the reagents being used, and can easily handle all chemiluminescence applications, producing superb images even from the faintest of signals. The compact instrument sits on any laboratory bench, taking up very little space. It is available in three variants: GeneGnome XRQ with monitor and built-in processor, GeneGnome XRQ NM with built-in processor but no monitor (use your own monitor), and GeneGnome XRQ NPC with no monitor or built-in processor (use your own monitor and computer). The system comes complete with unlimited copies of GeneTools analysis software.

3D Cell Culture Platform

Mimetix scaffolds mimic the extracellular matrix by providing an ideal architectural environment to support the growth of cells in 3D. They are created by electrospinning the medical-grade polymer poly(L-lactide) into microfibers, which are highly consistent with regard to fiber diameter and pore size, resulting in excellent reproducibility of cell-based assays. The scaffolds are incorporated into standard SBS-footprint well-plate frames with bases of superior optical clarity and minimal base distortion. The 50-µm scaffold depth is thick enough to provide the benefits of 3D cell morphology and behavior, yet thin enough to allow microscopic imaging.

Human Platelet Lysate

PLTMax Human Platelet Lysate is a nonxenogeneic, animal serum–free product derived from human platelets. It is a growth factor–rich supplement and a superior alternative to fetal bovine serum for human mesenchymal stem cell culture and other primary cells. PLTMax is used as a manufacturing component in the generation of adult stem cells in clinical trials in North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia (Phase I to Phase III) in indications including neurology, nephrology, gastrointestinal disease, wound repair, and cardiology.

Laboratory-Animal Serology Products

XpressBio manufactures and markets laboratory-animal serology products and services to the bioscience research community around the world. We specialize in ELISA immunoassays and reagents for mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, canines, felines, and nonhuman primates. In addition, we offer customizable solutions for your research needs, including PCR controls and assays; Helicobacter PCR genus and six species; mouse, rabbit, and human vaccine research ELISA kits; HIV p24 ELISA kits, including extended range; HIV integrase assays; HCV core ELISA kits; DNA purification reagents; and cytokine assays. Our Health Monitoring ELISA products range from an array of assays such as MHV, MPV, PVM, RPV, ECUN, MAD, RHDV, to a very unique native mouse parvo ELISA kit, mouse and rat Pasteurella, and Helicobacter ELISA kits. Our customizable ELISA assays are unique in the industry. We also manufacture toxicity ELISA assays and vaccine research assays.

Water Baths

Thermo Scientific Precision water baths are setting a new standard with enhanced features that simplify workflows and maximize productivity. Their rugged construction, compact footprint, advanced temperature controls, ease of use, and safety features clearly make these water baths a smart choice for your smart lab. Choose from a variety of models—general purpose, circulating, coliform, shaking, and Dubnoff. Save valuable benchtop space with compact footprints, and protect your work with safety features including audible alarms and adjustable digital and overtemperature protection. Increase productivity with new auto-on and auto-off timers and an easy icon-based user interface. Access worldwide service and support when you need it, for added peace of mind.

SILAC Mouse Feed

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories offers Mouse Express neutron coding (NeuCode) mouse feed with various combinations of labeled lysine isotopologues for high-resolution mass spectrometry proteomics studies. The mouse is the most commonly used animal model in biological and biomedical research. A promising new labeling technique for increasing the multiplexing potential of traditional SILAC (stable isotope labeling with amino acids in cell culture) quantitative experiments involves NeuCode. The ability to incorporate NeuCode-labeled media into the proteomes of actively growing mouse cells is beneficial for molecular phenotyping and screening studies. Kits are available in 1-week or 3-week quantities (each kit contains enough feed for three mice) and are made to order and always fresh.

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