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Science  23 Mar 2018:
Vol. 359, Issue 6382, pp. 1422
DOI: 10.1126/science.359.6382.1422

Forensic DNA Grade Products

Human DNA contamination is one of the main concerns in forensic DNA analysis. Eppendorf Forensic DNA Grade products comply with the stringent requirements of the recently released ISO 18385, which specifies manufacturing requirements for products used in forensic DNA laboratories, to further minimize contamination risks. Eppendorf confirms compliance for every production lot and provides lot-specific certificates. Highly automated production lines and strict access controls are only two production conditions for Eppendorf Forensic DNA Grade consumables. Individually blistered packaging or mini-batches in resealable bags effectively protect against contamination and ensure error-free handling. The comprehensive approach of this product line assures excellent purity and performance levels. Forensic DNA Grade products from Eppendorf encompass DNA extraction, sample processing, and PCR setup as well as sample storage.

Flow Cytometer

The BD Accuri C6 Plus personal flow cytometer is a powerful benchtop tool for a variety of research applications from cancer biology to water testing, and from CRISPR/Cas to cell counting. BD Accuri products have been widely recognized with more than 7,500 citations. This easy-to-use, lightweight cell analyzer will help you advance your research quickly while staying within your budget. Its compact footprint and transportable weight make it a valuable tool for both novice and experienced researchers who want a cytometer that is readily available when and where they need it. The system features an intuitive software interface, software templates, and reagent kits that guide users new to flow cytometry through workflows for popular applications.

Entry-Level Flow Chemistry Systems

Available in a choice of configurations, the Uniqsis FlowLab range is an affordable flow chemistry system ideal for use in research, education, and for those wishing to try flow chemistry without the associated costs of a fully automatic system. The FlowLab system comprises two high-pressure pumps, a HotCoil coil reactor station, and the FlowLab system control computer. It can be controlled remotely by Wi-Fi, allowing the control computer to be conveniently operated outside the fume hood. FlowLab Cold includes the Polar Bear Plus Flow cryogenic module, which provides cooling down to –40°C without the need for liquid nitrogen or solid carbon dioxide (dry ice). FlowLab application software is highly intuitive and provides real-time control of the system. Programs can be designed and saved reactions run automatically, including priming and washing. FlowLab also automatically detects any modules that have been added to the system.

Synthetic sgRNA

CRISPR application requires two key functional elements: target-specific guide RNA (gRNA) and the CAS9 enzyme. Scientists have created gRNA using multiple methods, such as transfection of gRNA-expression plasmids, in vitro transcription, or the annealing of short CRISPR RNA (crRNA) oligos with a transactivating crRNA (tracrRNA) scaffold. Recently, synthetic single-guide RNA (sgRNA) has been recognized as the preferred way for highly efficient and accurate editing. Origene's synthetic sgRNA is a pure 100-mer RNA oligo that contains the target gRNA sequence and the tracrRNA scaffold in a single entity. Our 100-mer sgRNA saves time by using a one-step protocol. It is more efficient (60%–80%) and consistent than in vitro–transcribed gRNAs, and is also cost-effective, being highly scalable for large numbers of experiments.

Parallel Synthesizer

The DrySyn Octo 8-position parallel synthesizer is a convenient, entry-level product for chemists wishing to conduct synthetic reactions under an inert atmosphere with temperature control, reflux, and powerful magnetic stirring. It accommodates low-cost, consumable reaction tubes, each with a working volume of 5 mL–6 mL. The large surface area of these glass reaction tubes allows the DrySyn Octo to be used for air-cooled, gentle reflux reactions. Up to three units can be employed together on any standard magnetic hotplate stirrer, using a DrySyn MULTI baseplate. In this Octo-Plus configuration, users can perform 24 parallel reactions in a very small space. Gas-tight closure on each tube connection enables the instrument to carry out reactions under inert atmospheres. Additions or reaction sampling can be made under inert conditions using a syringe. The unit uses inexpensive stoppers that are easily replaceable and consumable.

Stain-Free Gels

Spend less time assessing proteins and more time discovering. Stain-free gels from Bio-Rad provide visual confirmation of protein purity and yield in minutes instead of hours, by combining the speed of stain-free gel chemistry with the high throughput of multidimensional chromatography on our NGC chromatography system. Researchers can use stain-free gels to quickly assess protein purity and molecular weight in as little as 25 minutes, identify which fractions to pool, and optimize chromatography runs.

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