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Science  06 Apr 2018:
Vol. 360, Issue 6384, pp. 115
DOI: 10.1126/science.360.6384.115

Bioreactor Range

The BIOSTAT STR is a fully scalable, single-use bioreactor family based on a conventional stirred-tank design. This new bioreactor range features upgraded hardware and software, as well as a fully integrated new design for Flexsafe STR single-use bags—all of which ensure quick and easy bioprocess scale-up of biologics and vaccines. The series consists of five systems in different sizes, and offers working volumes from 12.5 L to 2,000 L. Linear scale-up and process transfer from 250 mL to 2,000 L can be achieved in weeks rather than months. The bioreactor's fully self-contained design, with its single-use bag, prevents product cross-contamination and saves time in setup, validation, clean-in-place procedures, and sterilize-in-place operations. Designed for efficient oxygen transfer, mixing, and CO2 stripping, the system ensures excellent cell-culture performance with reproducible high-density growth even for sensitive cell lines. 

RNAi Services

The professional technical services provided by GenePharma's RNAi service team can help clients get the most out of their RNA interference (RNAi) technology and avoid some experimental errors. Our research team will work with you to develop more extensive and effective solutions. We offer two types of RNAi services: chemical-synthesis and vector-based services. Our RNAi services can be applied in areas such as functional genomics, gene therapy, drug-target screening, cellular-signal pathway analysis, and protein interaction. We also provide custom RNAi synthesis, including small interfering RNA (siRNA) oligos, predesigned siRNAs, short hairpin RNA (shRNA) plasmid vectors, and predesigned shRNA vectors.

Flow Cytometer System

NovoCyte is a high-performance benchtop flow cytometer designed for all levels of users and all types of laboratories. This budget-friendly instrument can detect up to 15 parameters with enhanced sensitivity and resolution. NovoCyte's customizable laser and optical configurations offer a high degree of flexibility while providing complex cell-analysis capabilities. The NovoExpress software facilitates easy, intuitive sample acquisition and analysis. Automation of multiple fluidic functions eliminates cumbersome and time-consuming procedures. User hands-on time is minimized by the flexible NovoSampler Pro, which can automatically analyze samples in single tubes, multitube racks, or 24-, 48-, or 96-well plates.

Reporter Lentivirus for Signaling Pathway Studies 

AMS Biotechnology (AMSBIO) has introduced a range of ready-to-use reporter lentiviruses for assessing cell-signaling activities in virtually any mammalian cell type. These premade products use a unique combination of transcription-factor reporter technology coupled with lentiviral delivery to provide a simple, highly sensitive method capable of operating over a large dynamic range. By measuring the activities of a reporter, AMSBIO Reporter Lentivirus can be used for performing gene regulation studies in living mammalian cells, and for functional genomics as well as drug-screening cell-signaling assays. It can also be used for generating your own pathway-screening assay cell lines. Options include androgen and estrogen receptors, JNK, NF-ĸB, Notch, and Wnt signaling pathways.

T-Cell Reagents

Ready to take your T-cell therapy research from bench to bedside? STEMCELL Technologies has a series of Current Good Manufacturing Practice–grade T-cell isolation, activation, and expansion reagents. The EasySep Release Human CD3 Positive Selection Kit is designed to positively select particle-free CD3+ cells from fresh or previously frozen peripheral blood mononuclear cells or washed leukapheresis samples, using a column-free immunomagnetic selection. ImmunoCult Human CD3/CD28 T-Cell Activator and ImmunoCult Human CD3/CD28/CD2 T-Cell Activator are soluble antibody complexes that recognize and crosslink CD3 and costimulatory molecules for robust activation and expansion of human T cells without using magnetic beads, feeder cells, or antigen. ImmunoCult-XF T-Cell Expansion Medium is a serum-free, xeno-free medium optimized for rapid, consistent expansion of human T cells. This medium supports robust T-cell expansion at levels comparable to serum-containing media and eliminates performance variability, with no serum supplementation needed.

Protein A Kit

The Gyrolab Protein A Kit offers increased efficiency and throughput for quantification of residual Protein A ligands. Two ready-to-use versions of the kit—Native Protein A and MabSelect Sure—are designed for use with Gyrolab systems, and include an enhanced protocol for automated acid pretreatment of harvested samples from downstream purification of biotherapeutics. Determination of residual Protein A is an essential regulatory requirement for the safety evaluation of biotherapeutics. During purification of biotherapeutics, Protein A can leach from the chromatography support and coelute with the therapeutic antibody product. If bound to immunoglobulins, Protein A can increase the risk of adverse reactions. 

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