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Science  13 Apr 2018:
Vol. 360, Issue 6385, pp. 227
DOI: 10.1126/science.360.6385.227


Verifying sample temperatures has never been easier with the new, cable-free H-B Frio-Temp Calibrated Electronic Verification Lollipop Stem Thermometers from Bel-Art–SP Scienceware. They are compact, all-in-one units with the display attached directly to the probe instead of with a cable, as commonly found in electronic verification thermometers. The entire digital unit can be placed inside a refrigerator, incubator, or room to verify the temperature of the samples within. Cabled electronic verification thermometers are useful in ovens, freezers, and other applications requiring temperature verification without disruption of the sample environment. However, for applications where the temperature is verified less frequently or can be checked during routine entry of the environment, these compact thermometers are the superior choice. Available with general calibration, or with calibration specific to refrigerators, incubators, or ambient temperatures, all of the Lollipop Stem Thermometers are supplied with calibration documents meeting the requirements of ISO 17025. 

Protein A Kit

The Gyrolab Protein A Kit offers increased efficiency and throughput for quantification of residual Protein A ligands. Two ready-to-use versions of the kit—Native Protein A and MabSelect Sure—are designed for use with Gyrolab systems, and include an enhanced protocol for automated acid pretreatment of harvested samples from downstream purification of biotherapeutics. Determination of residual Protein A is an essential regulatory requirement for the safety evaluation of biotherapeutics. During purification of biotherapeutics, Protein A can leach from the chromatography support and coelute with the therapeutic antibody product. If bound to immunoglobulins, Protein A can increase the risk of adverse reactions. 

Blood-Cell Washer

Thermo Scientific's CW3 Cell Washer enables precise, thorough, reproducible, and rapid blood-cell washing of up to 24 tubes in a 3-min run. Users can select one of the preset programs that have been designed to run in automatic mode, accelerate blood-cell washing cycles, and achieve significant time savings while allowing for maximum efficiency and sample safety. Furthermore, the flexibility to use 12- or 24-place rotors and standardized, repeatable procedures enables the instrument to adapt to the processes and protocols already in place within the lab. Effective blood-cell washing is extremely important for removing plasma and unwanted antibodies to ensure that patients will not be affected by adverse reactions and that blood-transfused products will retain all their beneficial attributes. 

Life Science Imaging Software

Olympus Life Science's imaging software cellSens features an automatic object-tracking function—a dedicated solution to analyze and document dynamic processes within living samples. The software can adapt to different scenarios, such as samples containing fast-moving objects or growing cells, while precise manual tracking is also possible. Measured objects are reported as track diagrams, tables, and images, offering a range of possibilities to analyze, present, and export results. cellSens also features a user-friendly onscreen operation. Together with 4K-ready microscopy accessories, such as the UC90 camera, the software presents a highly detailed image together with a clear, easy-to-use interface. For effective collaboration and discussion, a dedicated conference mode is also available—the image is displayed full-screen, and annotation tools are just a single click away. cellSens gives users access to more data and saves time in both routine and advanced microscopy applications, making it an ideal choice for research and clinical laboratories.

Compact Gas Analyzers

The Hiden ExQ quantitative gas analyzer is a multifeatured, compact mass spectrometer system that provides continuous online analysis of dynamic gas streams at pressures from subatmospheric up to 30 bar. This fully integrated system is now configurable for benchtop and rack-mounted operations. Connection to the process is via a flexible, heated inert capillary line, with a sample-consumption rate less than 10 mL/min and a response time of less than 300 ms at near-atmospheric pressures. The comprehensive range of process-interface options enables analysis of up to 16 individual process streams. Adaptors are available for direct connection to most standard thermogravimetric/thermal analysis instruments. External process data, sample temperature, or mass, for example, can be imported for combined integration and presentation with the mass spectral data. Minor species composition is measurable down to just 100 ppb, with a choice of mass range of 200 amu and 300 amu. An optional CO analyzer is available where monitoring and data integration of low levels of carbon monoxide is a requirement.

Imaging System

Syngene's G:BOX is a range of automated multipurpose gel- and blot-imaging systems. Using HI-LED (high-intensity) lighting and updated image-capture software, these flexible systems guarantee cost-effective imaging and faster workflow with a huge range of fluorescence gel and blot applications. Featuring the choice to add a full spectrum of high-intensity blue, green, red, and infrared HI-LEDs that are up to 200 times brighter than standard LEDs, the new G:BOX options provide faster exposure times and great images in just one click. All systems in the G:BOX range are controlled via GeneSys software, which now includes a simple icon selection of preset, stain-free protein gel imaging conditions. The icon is based on optimum filter and lighting conditions that can accurately detect nanogram levels of protein on a stain-free gel; the software autocalibrates to each gel or blot size to generate publication-quality images every time. 

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