Phosphatase Drugs

Drugging the undruggable

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Science  14 Sep 2018:
Vol. 361, Issue 6407, pp. 1084-1085
DOI: 10.1126/science.361.6407.1084-d

The reversible phosphorylation of proteins controls all aspects of life. Targeting phosphorylation offers a broad range of therapeutic opportunities. Although kinases are among the most prevalent drug targets, phosphatases have traditionally been overlooked. Krzyzosiak et al. used surface plasmon resonance to develop a method to enable target-based discovery of serine/threonine phosphatases. The method identified Raphin1, a selective inhibitor of the regulatory subunit of protein phosphatase 1, PPP1R15B, a negative regulator of protein quality control. Raphin1 boosted protein quality control in cells and slowed down disease progression in a mouse model of Huntington's disease.

Cell 174, 1216 (2018).

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