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Science  02 Nov 2018:
Vol. 362, Issue 6414, pp. 504-506
DOI: 10.1126/science.362.6414.504

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In science news around the world, a court clears the way for construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope, to be one of the world's largest optical telescopes, over objections that the site on Mauna Kea is sacred. The International Astronomical Union votes to rename Hubble's Law, a cornerstone of cosmology that describes the expansion of the universe, as the Hubble-Lemaître Law, to credit Georges Lemaître, a Belgian astronomer who calculated in 1927 that the universe was expanding. The Earth BioGenome Project—an ambitious $4.7 billion, 10-year plan to sequence the genomes of all of Earth's 1.5 million known species of animal, plant, fungus, and protozoan—officially begins. Canada announces a tax on carbon emissions in the four provinces that do not already have either a tax or cap-and-trade system of their own. The Wellcome Sanger Institute, the world-renowned genomics center in Hinxton, U.K., clears its director, Michael Stratton, of allegations of bullying and gender discrimination. Prosecutors in Iran charge four conservationists with "sowing corruption on Earth"—a crime punishable by death.