Breakdowns of the year

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Science  21 Dec 2018:
Vol. 362, Issue 6421, pp. 1352-1353
DOI: 10.1126/science.362.6421.1352

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Devastating wildfires in the western United States and northern Europe. A record heat wave in southern Europe. Hurricanes, cyclones, and flooding in the Americas and the eastern Pacific Ocean. For many, this was the year climate change hit home. Yet, as the evidence—enumerated in a series of alarming scientific reports this fall—has mounted, the gap between what the world needs to do and what it is doing seems wider and starker than ever. Science has named that gap the breakdown of the year. Other breakdowns are deep cuts in federal funding of science in Brazil and the ethically fraught claim by a scientist in China to have edited the genomes of embryos and implanted them into a woman who gave birth to twin girls.