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Science  22 Feb 2019:
Vol. 363, Issue 6429, pp. 891
DOI: 10.1126/science.363.6429.891-a

Microplate Reader

CLARIOstar Plus is a microplate reader that features Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR). EDR technology provides researchers with results that can be measured over a large dynamic range (8 decades) with no manual intervention. Additionally, thanks to a rapid, full-plate autofocus, every sample on the plate is automatically detected with the ideal settings without any action required prior to the start of measurement. EDR technology, combined with autofocus, offers the best measurement settings and eliminates the need for multiple readings. The reader can be equipped with up to three dedicated detectors. Users who need the very best performance in far-red fluorescent detection can benefit from a red-sensitive photomultiplier tube. Additionally, an ultraviolet–visible spectrometer delivers ultrafast, full-absorbance spectra.

Simultaneous Protein and RNA Analysis

BD AbSeq is an assay that uses an oligonucleotide-conjugated antibody panel (AbSeq) for protein cell–surface identification that can be added to RNASeq single-cell experiments. This technology provides a more distinct and robust clustering of different cell subsets, enabling researchers to more deeply profile cells in order to further elucidate complex biological systems. When used with BD Rhapsody, the only commercially available single-cell targeted mRNA-seq analysis system, specific mRNA and protein expression can be simultaneously analyzed in thousands of individual cells within a single workflow.

High-Throughput Gene-Expression Analysis Service

AMS Biotechnology (AMSBIO) offers a service for high-throughput gene-expression analysis. Based on the NanoString nCounter platform, the service works with a large array of sample types, including formats such as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE), which have been difficult to analyze with more traditional quantitative PCR. Using AMSBIO's NanoString service, you can simultaneously analyze expression of up to 800 mRNAs, microRNAs, DNA regions, or proteins. Simply send us your samples, and we will return a detailed gene-expression report in under two weeks. Researchers can choose from one of NanoString's premade gene panels or design their own custom panel. Sample formats include RNA, cell and tissue lysates, whole blood, FFPE tissue, serum, and plasma.

Single-Cell RNA Sequencing and Protein Analysis

Proteona offers ESCAPE RNA Sequencing for clinical proteogenomics. ESCAPE (Enhanced Single Cell Analysis with Protein Expression) is currently being offered globally as a service, and an early-adopter premium kit program is now open for enrollment. It is the first commercial product line to enable researchers to simultaneously measure both gene and protein expression from the same single cells. Both the service and the kit make use of the 10x Genomics platform for making single-cell RNA sequencing libraries, while Proteona provides prepooled and titrated DNA-barcoded antibodies and associated reagents for producing protein-expression sequencing libraries. Proteona also provides an analysis suite and bioinformatics services for helping researchers and clinicians make use of the large datasets produced by the assay.

Reservoir Troughs for Multichannel Pipetting

Porvair Sciences provides 8- and 12-channel reservoir troughs to help improve multichannel pipetting convenience and productivity in high-throughput laboratories. These troughs help laboratories improve productivity by increasing the speed and precision with which technicians can perform serial dilutions or dispense different reagents using multichannel pipettors. Manufactured from high-quality white polystyrene or clear polyethylene terephthalate, the troughs are autoclavable, and a clear cover is available for both the 8- and 12-channel reservoirs. The design of the new troughs incorporates a v-shaped bottom with a residual volume of 200 µL, reducing dead volume and minimizing waste. For benchtop stability, the troughs are designed to fit snugly on top of Porvair's 96-Well Multitier Base Plate. The 8-channel trough has a total capacity of 56 mL, with a 1 mL–7 mL capacity per channel. The 12-channel trough has a 36-mL total capacity with a channel capacity of 1 mL–3 mL.

Automated Plate Handler

The S-LAB Automated Plate Handler is an entry-level automation solution designed for loading single instruments (plate washers, bulk reagent dispensers, and plate readers). It has been designed for easy installation and out-of-the-box use. With its onboard computer, it can operate as a standalone unit, loading SLAS/ANSI microplates onto a wide variety of benchtop instruments from any manufacturer. Control is simple: S-LAB is controlled via an intuitive software interface on a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. For other instruments, we can offer a bespoke integration service using our Overlord software.

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