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Science  21 Sep 1917:
Vol. 46, Issue 1186, pp. 288-290
DOI: 10.1126/science.46.1186.288


1. Suboils of arid regions are certainly no less "raw" than those of semi-arid regions, and probably only slightly less so than those of humid regions.

2. If, as seems as yet unproved, inoculated legume seeds fail to develop on humid subsoil material, such failure can not justifiably be attributed as is done by Alway, McDole and Rost, to a lack of available phosphoric acid and potash.

3. A lack of available nitrogen probably is sufficient to account for rawness of subsoils.

4. The poor aeration of subsoils which indirectly results in their rawness, may be accounted for more simply than by Hilgard's explanation of the washing down of fine particles into the subsoil, which prevents proper aeration.