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Science  20 May 1927:
Vol. 65, Issue 1690, pp. xiv
DOI: 10.1126/science.65.1690.0xiv-s


In the section of Science News in the issue for May 6, on page X, the last paragraph of the first column should read as follows:

"The fossilized implements are described by Dr. Osborn as of apparent human origin and of symmetrical shape. Among them are skin dressers for cleaning animal hides, pointed awl-like implements evidently used in sewing, neck ornaments made of strung bones and a kind of comb that seems to be a tattooing implement. Eighteen of the types of tools have been matched with counterparts found in the ruins of cliff dwellers of the arid regions of the Southwest and one type can be nearly duplicated by a much more recent implement from the shell heaps of eastern America. But unlike the implements of Europe which are usually weapons and hunting tools, the Nebraska artifacts are nearly wholly related to the peaceful arts. Further investigations are to be carried on this summer."