The Internal Constitution of the Stars

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Science  16 Sep 1927:
Vol. 66, Issue 1707, pp. 256
DOI: 10.1126/science.66.1707.256


In the review of Eddington's book on "The Internal Constitution of the Stars," by Dr. H. H. Plaskett, printed in the issue of Science for July 22, several lines were misplaced at the bottom of the right-hand column on page 82. The passage should read:

Of the several quantitative predictions furnished by Eddington's model, none is more striking or more general than this relation that the luminosity of a star, apart from a small factor depending upon the surface temperature, is a single-valued function of its mass. The relation contains but one disposable constant (the proportionality constant of Kramers's absorption law), and this is fixed from the mass, luminosity and effective temperature of a single star (Capella). It is then found that all thirty-seven stars of known mass and luminosity, both giants and dwarfs, lie on Eddington's mass-luminosity curve with the average residual of the order of half a magnitude.