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Science  20 Jul 1928:
Vol. 68, Issue 1751, pp. 62-64
DOI: 10.1126/science.68.1751.62-a


(1) Herein has been described a stand for supporting the drum, a device for starting and stopping the drum and a circuit-breaker for a weight-driven kymograph

(2) This device has proved satisfactory for recording simple muscular contractions, for securing data for the determination of the speed of the nerve-impulse and for determining reaction times

(3) With but a little training in technic, college freshmen have secured very good graphs with this apparatus

(4) This machine, exclusive of the drum, has been constructed at less than one third the cost of a spring-driven kymograph, and the drum of the latter may readily be used for either, since but a few minutes are required to make the shift